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Xian posted a photo of him holding up two reserved seating tickets for the movie The Third Party which stars Angel Locsin, Sam Milby, and Zanjoe Marudo.

(Image Credit: @xianlimm) Kim is right beside Xian, making a thumbs-up sign as Xian held the tickets.

Xian Lim has been mentioned or cited more than a hundred times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor.

Especially, the channel 'Starmometer' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone.

I still go back to Xian's answer to his Balitang America interview with Henni Espinosa, May, 2012 wherein he said this of Kim, "Finally, finally meron ng nakakaintindi sa akin"..."finally", emphasized.

The hardest thing or the loneliest thing ever in a world that involves working with a lot of people as in the showbiz industry is not to be able to get your point across on things, where no one understands or seeks to understand you Xian, who is shy and introverted can only pull himself back in, as a turtle would slink back head, legs, tail into its shell, once threatened.

Xian, with a name unique as his person, came equipped with all the romance and old world flair that warm and thawed Kim's heart, frozen and made hard by a lost love.

Kim and her "Ideal Man", the Paddington Bear to her Mulan.

Very dominant na girl." Somewhere in Kim's distant past, hopeful and knowing herself well, is the shadowy figure of a man that stands "tall, fair-complected, possessing of a high-bridged nose and Chinito eyes".

Kim shared her ideal type with new found friends in the Pinoy Big Brother House at age 16, year 2006.

Kim's "ideal man" has taken flesh and God who rewards her loving soul in great abundance chose a man who fits the mold and more!

Xian , graciously put in Kim's path by a good God that heard the desires of Kim's heart, plied Kim with self-composed music, hearts, roses, bears, letters written in cursive folded in origami, good memories aboard a yacht, guitar lessons, glittery stuff, 10-12 thoughtful texts and calls and over and above all these, his precious TIME, that left Kim breathless and thankful to the core; even an offer of a "pakpak" or wing to heal her broken one; and as Kim pleases to say now of her good graces, "and the rest is history"! CTO Kim, admiring the man who sets her heart aflutter, a "history" in the making; the ideal man, Adonis-like plus plus, offering her his heart (pakpak-wing) to heal her own that she may be able to love (fly) again. CTO - Princess Mulan to Disney Asia 2015 How Kim reprise a Disney character whose life story mirrors in a little way her own male character Yuan in My Binondo Girl .

or CTO as red and happy as the gigantic rose arrangement she got from ultra-creative giver Xian on her first birthday with this Man of Surprises, Xian Lim. Somehow Kim's dream of being a princess in some fairytale is fulfilled granted it was only for a Disney calendar which , in fairness, will be distributed in Southeast Asia. The Kim Xi relationship or whatever they have, "special friendship" they say, marked by the presence of Promise Rings, Exclusive Dates, Jealous Bouts, Undivided Attention (at least from Xian who wants Kim's own especially when she plays her computer games ), Praises Galore (peppered by Kim's critique on Xian's fondness for certain wear) and Kim's avowal to tone down her being too vocal about her opinion on things and people, make us all ponder and wonder.

He looks like a Prince, talks like a Prince, has a white stead called Porsche Boxter..must be a Prince! The love that Kim received in full measure from her family fueled her grand desire to help them.

Love begetting love begetting love and on and on brimming, spilling over to those around her - her family, her friends, her colleagues, her fans, her man whose name is Xian.

Xian's ideal marrying age is dictated by his fears of not being able to provide well for the family.

If this is a personal trauma, I see he can, with some effort, get over it just as he overcame his fears of social interaction and we know who helped him with that. Prayerful and trusting in God's Divine Providence, Kim thrives.

The couple apparently enjoyed the movie and Xian even praised all of the actors in the film. ” Kim Xi fans expressed their joy at seeing the two finding time to have a movie date.

He captioned the photo with “Finished watching #thethirdparty ??? They also thanked Xian for posting the date, saying it gave them such happiness to see them together and that they are waiting for his blogs soon.

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