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Discover Painter Essentials 5’s photo-painting tools that will easily transform your pictures into impressive art right before your eyes.Or start sketching, drawing and painting from scratch with award-winning brushes that are custom selected for beginners.The Dropper tool instantly turns into the Flood Fill tool, allowing you to apply the copied properties to another area with a single click.Enjoy faster editing features, including a more responsive Depth of Field.Learn more Enjoy an exclusive bonus collection of premium photo software that you won't get with Photoshop.Painter Essentials 5, Perfectly Clear 3 SE, Corel After Shot 3, and our Creative Collection make up the Bonus Pack, bringing you photo-painting, automatic image corrections, RAW photo editing, powerful batch processing, and more—in one complete photo collection.Based on requests from those who know best—Paint Shop Pro users—we’ve made significant enhancements to your most frequently used tools, plus improved the performance and speed of the program.

Paint Shop Pro 2018 offers you more creative options for the features you use most, expanding what’s possible with this powerful photo editing software.For a more streamlined workflow, we’ve added two new workspaces, Essentials and Complete, to match your level of expertise.Our new Welcome Tab is bursting with helpful tutorials and creative content to get you started.It’s an efficient way to pick and choose the images you want to work with.Choosing the right colors for your design is imperative, as color can make or break your artwork.Create a custom look with robust, time-saving presets that let you control multiple adjustments with just one click—all without having to leave Paint Shop Pro.Only available in Ultimate (64-bit) Quickly learn professional-grade RAW photo editing and take control of very large photo collections with Corel After Shot 3.For seamless editing, you can hide or show the overlay with a simple shortcut key.A new Sample and Fill icon in the Tool Options palette allows you to copy the color and opacity of sampled pixels. Select your product from the drop-down list below 2.On the next page, enter your support code and email address, then click 'Continue' 3.

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