Women in wheelchairs and dating


I've come to believe that I can do just about anything. I've never had a problem meeting guys and there are plenty that don't let the chair stand in the way of a whole lotta fun with a great gal. You have a right to be attracted to whatever it is that attracts you. I know that there's not a huge market for average-looking wisea$$ women in wheelchairs, but I do ok :)Thanks to everyone for your posts :)"lovelife3's post. By the way, it's quite refreshing to see a "would you date" post that's not filled with people wallowing in self-pity and crying "why doesn't anybody love me?You may be surprised that there are a handful of men who have a wheelchair fettish lol - I steer clear of them! It depends on the woman.knopper3lovelife3: How come when YOU made a comment it was honesty; but when I did it, it was a dig? I'd never take anything personally from a man who wears a woman's lacy thong over his jeans "Hmmmmm.....'And I don't usually find short men attractive 'hmmmmm...hmmmmm... I'm a lazy **stard if I may say so myself, so I spend most of my time sitting or laying down anyway. "OP: you should send your chair into MTV's "Pimp My Ride" show.It’s emblematic of a reaction Becky deals with on a daily basis – people feeling they have to treat her and her body differently because of her disability.‘People have been afraid to give me a hug before and asked permission before doing so,’ Becky explains.The project initially started as a way for Becky to explore dating with disability, but slowly turned into a project about self-acceptance and challenging people’s perception of beauty and disabilities.When Becky first started online dating she only used photos that showed her face.You can speak to them like you would anyone else.’ The message of her project is simple: don’t judge someone based on the appearance of their body.

’ and ‘one night with me and you won’t be able to get out of that wheelchair.’ ‘It was very disheartening,’ says Becky.

‘I really exposed myself but I’m glad that I did because each time I grew in confidence.’ In addition to the topless self-portraits, Becky also created an interactive art piece in which she was painted as a statue, and asked people to cover her with handprints.

Her back was the last place people touched on her body.

LOL Maybe this changes some opinions and maybe it doesn't. A man wearing a lacy thong over his jeans is most likely a jokester with a sense of humor. So a woman who spends most of her time in a chair too? Not to stray too far off topic, but have you seen the documentary Murderball? I have a good friend who is deaf,considered dating but didn't want to risk losing the friendship. Everyone is 'handicapped' in some way or another,aren't we?

I'm a handful in any relationship, but it's not because of the chair, Sweetie!

Becky has struggled with her confidence and often feels self-conscious.

And so deciding to do a series of self-portraits – focusing entirely on her body – was a big deal.

First of all, there are SOOooooo many possible reasons one could be confined to the chair. I don't feel the need to give ALL the details-- obviously, some positions are not feasible, but there are enough that are. Being new to the site and to the forums, this has been very enlightening.

In my case, I have a slow progressive form of Muscular Dystrophy (everyone confuses this with MS. I have MD - muslce weakness from my shoulders to my knees - instead of muscle, I have jello lol). To the men that think someone in a wheelchair would hold them back from doing certain activities... There are many creative ways to adapt to situations if you are motivated to find them. If you guys weren't honest in your responses, how would I know what ya'll were thinking?

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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