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For those trying to overcome problematic porn use, edging while viewing porn (or fantasizing about porn) is far worse than simply having an orgasm and getting it over with. Edging can keep dopamine levels elevated for hours, and train the brain to constant visual stimulation, rapid-fire novelty, clicking from scene to scene, particular fetishes, and the pressure of your own hand. (see this video - Rebooting: What Counts as a Relapse?

, by Noah Church) High dopamine tells the reward circuit that "This activity is really, really important, and you should do it again and again.” Forget the (very real) possibility of addiction-related brain changes.

This time, I decided to do nofap, not for the energy, but because I was again tired of my daily PMO routine - and I would stick with it, in hard mode, even without superpowers. My conclusion: For me, the "superpowers" seem not related to not ejaculating, or ejaculating less..to not exposing myself to Porn, endless lists of bikini-babes, edging, fantasizing, or even touching myself.

When real sex doesn't match porn, dopamine plummets - along with your excitement and erections.At orgasm, prolactin rises, which drops dopamine to baseline levels and inhibits its release. Placing your foot on the dopamine gas, without ever hitting the brake (prolactin) results in a continuous state of cravings without satisfaction.This practice of edging calls to mind the earliest experiments on the reward circuitry of the brain in which animals would stimulate themselves over and over, braving electrical shocks and ignoring willing mates.This is masturbating up to the edge of orgasm, then stopping to cool things down, then revving up again.Three common versions of edging: Since a reboot is defined as no porn or porn substitutes 1 & 2 make no sense. Addiction-related brain changes and sexual (Pavlovian) conditioning are initiated by: you are combining naturally high dopamine levels of masturbation with the dopamine raising abilities of 1) exciting, novel visuals 2) searching the net for porn 3) finding surprising or shocking genres.The reason is simple: instead of achieving orgasm and ending it, you train your brain to be bathing in chemicals for hours. If you have chronic porn-induced ED, it's unlikely that ejaculation was the cause your ED/DE - it was probably years of porn use.Internet porn is the stimulus that alters the brain, and, in some users, causes sexual dysfunction.For 2 years I have been trying to replicate that feeling, and never succeeded.During these 2 years, each nofap trial I did was just to try to achieve that level of energy.My theory was that it was linked to not ejaculating, and testosterone and such.So I did nofap, but still looked at pictures of pretty girls, or porn, or edged...anything I could to boost my T-levels, without ejaculating..without results.

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