Who is kyle dean massey dating

Although his father initially disowns his son they make up when Will's mother dies.He continually has to defend himself in the media and resumes his relationship with Kevin Bicks which ends once again when he does not want to move in with him, in season five, when the writers dumped Bicks in favor of a new character. They eventually start to date, but Zach may have ulterior motives.

“[The show] takes place in the South, but then it’s an issue with somebody in the public eye.A lot of people are OK with their brother or their uncle or their best friend being gay, but they don’t really want their country star to be gay.” For the character of Kevin, being thrown together with Will to write songs for a new album forces both men to confront their feelings about their respective career paths and the choices they made in pursuit of their dreams.Whether the alliance means romantic sparks will fly between the two remains to be seen (and Massey’s not telling), but this “[Will] is quite tormented about it and has found a lot of unhappiness in trying to cover it up,” Massey says.When Teddy and Rayna announce their plans to divorce, Maddie takes it hard and begins to rebel against her mother.She ditches school to attend a free concert thrown by Juliette, but ends up being injured in a stampede.They temporarily fall out and Will finds himself unable to accept who he truly is and attempts suicide by standing in front of a train, only to back out at the last moment.After she attempts to commit suicide he agrees to grant her a divorce but they remain close friends afterwards, after she blackmails him in season three.[] Music obviously has a very strong effect on our emotions.You get a good lyric in there, and it can tell the story better than any written dialogue can.” Although Massey acknowledges that it’s “unfortunate that somebody like my character on the show had to give up his aspirations of being a recording artist because of his sexuality,” he’s hopeful that being an “out” artist in the country music industry is becoming less of an issue. When I was in college, I had a songwriting class and found it really difficult.Maddie and Rayna don't see eye to eye things, but they do care about each other.Even when Maddie and Rayna were arguing in season 4, Maddie was a little bit rebellious and this time she wants to sign a recording contract at age Rayna was just like Maddie at that age, she and her father Lamar didn't see eye to eye in music and she left home and not look back.

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