Who is fernando alonso dating rules dating more than one girl


Agonisingly, no titles have followed in the intervening years.

A fractious first move to Mc Laren, and subsequent spells with Renault and Ferrari, yielded success in the form of 17 victories and three championship runner-up finishes - but not the one piece of silverware he really desires.

but it is still surprising that easy, public things are not being checked first,” followed by a winking emoticon.

In the meantime, and lacking any official statements by either one, all photographs of the happy couple posted on social media in the last few months have been deleted.

“It always made sense for us to continue our journey together.

“His commitment will allow us to further improve the attractiveness and po-tential of the wider Group, and will ensure we head into 2018 feeling in-creasingly confident that we’ll be able to take a meaningful step forward.

Neither one confirmed the rumors, although people close to the couple stated that their relationship was “serious.” But now, after dating for a year and a half, the relationship is apparently over.

This year, it looks like there will be no such trip. Lara Álvarez’s Instagram account, which has 220,000 followers, now shows pictures of herself and her family, but none with Alonso.The latter’s Instagram account, which has 375,000 followers, features racing-related news and pictures of his own travels.Fernando fully understands and buys in to the direction we are taking.“Our shareholders have ambitious plans for the whole Group, and success within Formula 1 is a central pillar of that strategy.Perhaps ironically, it has been in inferior machinery that Alonso has come to be regarded as one of the finest drivers not just on the current grid, but in history.Given his calibre, his relentless hunger and determination, there is still much to achieve...” Some sources now say that distance has, in fact, been the cause of the rift.The last pictures posted by the couple are from early February and were taken in Spain, after a long period in Dubai, where Alonso currently lives.Although the last few years have not been easy, we have never forgot-ten how to win, and I believe we can achieve that again soon.“The last three years have given us the momentum to plan and build for the future, and I’m looking forward to that journey.

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