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The best sex we had was when I went on birth control after using condoms for a few months.

He has a lower sex drive, so I was unwilling to waste this time.

For the women who do enjoy that, do you prefer watching recorded videos? Depending on the submissive person and what particular kinks do it for them, it could mean anything.

We've also gone through phases depending on what kinky shit we're doing at any one time and what I'm into in the moment.

if it's not too intimate how did he react when he did finally ejaculate?

I always have those porno fantasies of losing my sight and fainting when i cum after long edging, like agreeing to my partner I will do whatever she or he wants, rimm or lick the pussy for half a day. I like how you realize merits of playing with "real man" stereotype and not really believing it.

He'd never opened up about that side of himself to anyone else either.

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Since you seem more curious about the physical, I'm on top a lot.I hold him down by his wrists and throat, usually just past the point of discomfort.There's face slapping and spitting, some nipple play (he normally hates it, but in the right context it makes him feel kind of "girly" and submissive), or some (very) light CBT.He doesn't really like the pain from that, more the fact that I have control and am doing what I like.The psychology is much more important than the physics of it, for us at least.I also like hurting him (lightly) and then telling him if he were a real man, he could stop me.But then he'll play up the "I can't hit a girl" aspect, I'll call him a pussy, and if he actually tries, I'll either pin him down or pretend to get mad that he hit me.(Obviously this is all play, I don't really believe that "real man" bullshit.In terms of what I like to see, the more of you in the shot the better. I don't like to see the face and sound is a MUST.Just a close up of an anonymous hand on a cock doesn't really do it for me, I like to see a guy actually enjoying himself. I like to hear heavy breathing and moaning, and I like to see cum but if they start playing with it or eating it I click out.For three or four days, we were fucking 3 times a day, and he wasn't allowed to cum.He had blue balls for days, which kind of turns me on (sorry not sorry), and it culminated in what is vying for the best sex of my life. When I met him I was semi-inexperienced and very submissive, so it took me a long time to come around to being dominant.

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