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All data for use in Australia on the Vodafone Network. Once Your Max Speed data is used, /GB charge applies.“Your Max Speed” data will be used first; thereafter, data is available within Vodafone network coverage areas at Streaming Speed up to 1.5MBPs until your next billing month. Sharing for Red Plus Plans If you have more than one Vodafone Red Plus Plan on your billing account, the Your Max Speed data allowances on those services will automatically combine into one pool which will be shared between eligible users (data sharing is only available on up to 10 services, a maximum of 5 of which can be voice plans). MDDHeader a:focus @font-face @font-face @font-face @font-face . MDDHeader svg:not(:root) @media all and (min-width:970px). Recurring monthly plan fee charged until the end of the month in which you cancel.All data for use in Australia within the Vodafone Network coverage area. Once Your Max Speed data is used, /GB charge applies.

Month to Month Red Plus Plans Your Max Speed means the maximum speed the Vodafone network can deliver to your handset at the time and place you are using data.

For more information on what you can do at 1.5Mbps, check out our speed guide.

Plus get a no lock-in contract and new phone on an interest free repayment period of 12, 24 or 36 months with selected plans.

If you want to leave your plan, you can keep your phone – just pay what’s left.

Or choose from our 12 month SIM Only Plus Plans if you want to bring your own phone.

Red Plan Red Plans are only available if you simultaneously purchase a phone from Vodafone under a Mobile Payment Plan (‘MPP’) of 12, 24 or 36 months duration (“Commitment Period”). Inclusions expire after 1 month unless otherwise stated.

Minimum monthly spend is , , , , , 0 (for , , , , , 0 plans respectively). Total minimum cost is one month of your plan fees plus 100% of the MPP instalments of your chosen device.

Plan excludes Premium Services, 1223, & 1225 directory services, 123 Ask-Us-Anything, International Roaming, content purchases, call screen and charges for additional data and additional standard international calls.

Minimum monthly spend is , , 0 (for , , 0 plans respectively).

Actual speeds you reach will continually vary depending on many factors such as device capabilities, location, network congestion, network coverage and if you are roaming. The data included in any plan on your account which is not a Vodafone Red Plus Plan is not shareable with this plan and vice versa.

You can opt-out of sharing altogether at any time by calling 1555.

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