Vb net code for updating access database


I have a textbox called 'txt Cols Text Box' which stores the value and a button called 'btn Save Exit'.On the button click, I need to update the db with new value. I am thinking , i need to use me.validate function but not sure how to code.Insert, Update, Delete, Search & Navigation are basic operations used in database handling.Below is the simple application which allows to insert, update, delete, search and navigation in database using as frontend. OLEDB.4.0;" db Source = "Data Source = C:\Documents and Settings\Eric\My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\EGI Movie Catalog\EGI Movie Catalog\db1.mdb" con. Alfie\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\Windows Application2\Windows Application1\Accounts.accdb" con. Open() End Sub Private Sub Submit_Click(By Val sender As System.

Introduction This article and sample covers that "How to Insert, Update, Delete and Search Values to/from MS Access database 2003 with VB. NET 2005 gives lot more methodologies to do this same job but I find this more easier, simplest and understandable for a beginner. OLEDB.12.0; Data Source =" data File = "C:\Users\Jimmy\Documents\Test Database.accdb" conn String = provider & data File my Connection. Open() Dim str As String str = "update [Items] set [Item] = '" & Item Txt Box. NETDisplaying Data in a Chart / Graph - Visual Basic . Tables("EGIDB") End Sub Private Sub chkconfirm_Checked Changed(By Val sender As System. Enabled = False End If End Sub Private Sub dgmain_Cell Content Click(By Val sender As System. Ole Db Connection Dim db Provider As String Dim db Source As String Dim ds As New Data Set Dim da As Ole Db. Ole Db Data Adapter Dim sql As String Private Sub Add Record_Load(By Val sender As System. NETExport Data Grid View Data To Excel - Visual Basic . NETDisplay Access Table Records in Data Grid View - Visual Basic . NETVisual Basic Tutorials Placing Controls on Form Input Box in Visual Basic . Text & "' Dim cmd As Ole Db Command = New Ole Db Command(str, my Connection) Try cmd. NETUpdate Records in Access (2007) Table - Visual Basic . NETRead (Lookup) records from Access Database - Visual Basic . NETVisual Basic Tutorials Tic Tac Toe - Visual Basic .I want to make it so that any changes they have made to the journal (editing the textbox fields) are also changed in the database when they click the update button. Open() Dim Date Picked As String = Date Time Picker1. Value Dim cmd As Ole Db Command Dim str As String Try My Journal Title = Title Txt. Text str = "UPDATE Journals SET Journal Title='" & My Journal Title & "', Journal Text='" & My Journal Text & "' WHERE Journal Date=" & Date Picked cmd = New Ole Db Command(str, my Connection) cmd.

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