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This article will explain some basics about form validation and then illustrate how to validate form fields using j Query.There are two types of validation: client side validation and server side validation.The Configuration Validator does a syntactic check only, and it doesn’t practically send mail for testing mail delivery.The validation process completes locally; any other services on Internet don’t get involved in this process.

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In the meantime, we have seen an increasing number of troubling reports about mail delivery, and found that there are incorrectly configured contact forms behind that.If you validate the form using j Query, you can notice this and alert the user to their mistake instead of submitting the form.Java Script form validation is a great way to help your users avoid mistakes when filling out a form Alternatively, if you want to protect your server from malicious users, then you should use server side validation because Java Script can be easily bypassed.When the submit button is pushed, j Query will check whether all fields are valid.If any fields are not valid, the form will not be submitted and the user will be informed with error messages for the fields that are causing problems.If you are using a My SQL database, this is called My SQL Injection.To avoid this problem, you must validate form submissions using your server.Contact Form 7 4.4 has introduced Configuration Validator.The following are answers to the frequently asked questions about the validator.Similarly, form data is typically saved in a database on the server.Because your database contains sensitive information, hackers may attempt to use your form to submit malicious commands to your backend database.

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