Updating to adobe reader 10

Adobe Acrobat Reader requires a reboot because of the download program that it uses as part of installation. get Plus installs a "get Plus Helper Service" (running ) to run on the first reboot after downloading the package that it is being used to install.This helper deletes the get Plus programs from the system, on the grounds that after installation the download manager is no longer needed. Again, however, it does not in fact require a reboot to run them.It works fine in Google Chrome, so seems to be a Win7/IE10 Issue.

Multilanguage (MUI) installers: Some releases include MUI installers that provide support for multiple languages and allow the user to configure the language at install time.

This change means two things: 1) It never takes more than two updates over the base release or last MSI to get to the latest version and 2).

For AIP installations on Windows, The application of a planned update over an existing (non 10.0.0) AIP installation is not supported.

Indeed, one could just run the Speed Launcher program directly, from the shortcut in the startup folder, to start it if one wanted to, without even logging off and back on.

After all, that's all that's really happening at log on.

The replacement of the actual file is scheduled for reboot, and you get prompted that it needs done.

The alternative is to make sure that all instances of Explorer and IE are shut down (for all logged-in users) before running the installer.

I have been searching, but have been unable to find the answer to a question that has been puzzling me since I got my 1st Windows 8 job--does Adobe Acrobat Reader, NOT require security (patch) updating (because of differences between the Windows 8 operating system and previous editions)?

I was just trying to follow the instructions on the Adobe Security Bulletin (9/10/13): BUT, I can't find a version number for Reader, anywhere in the (Windows 8) system.

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader (version)\Reader\Acro Rd32properties/details for a very specific version. I just got an error on the last update, where it just seemed to hang--Windows Store / Bing Weather: Something happened and this app couldn't be installed. Error code: 0x80004004 Try Again / Cancel install (Windows System Log Critical Error: Source: Windwos Update Client, "Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x8024200D: Microsoft.

You may be referring to the Windows 8 built in PDF reader, not quite the same thing as Adobe Reader. I'm hoping you didn't ommit an uninstall step first, since I've seen some applications that, when you follow the directions for update, actually installed a second copy (and threw errors, too), instead of uninstalling the old, outdated program, first. Bing Weather.") I, then, just cancelled the install, and tried again, with success, this time.

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