Updating bcwp in ms project 2016 consolidating airline miles

* The “hammock” name refers to the simple method of suspending a sleeping net or cloth (i.e. When first described in hand-drawn activity-on-arrow (AOA) network diagrams, the time-summarizing activity took the shape of a simple curved line slung between two nodes – i.e. Primavera scheduling tools have long provided explicit activity types for specifying hammock or LOE activities.Primavera Project Planner (P3) and Primavera Sure Trak Project Manager, for example, both included specific hammock activity types that would be specially treated in the schedule calculations.In general, the number of activities being summarized by the hammocks (or LOEs in P6) are not practically limited.MSP has never included an explicit Hammock or LOE task type, and since summary tasks do not provide the needed solution in many cases, a subtle method for constructing simple hammock tasks was created.I also updated the duration calculator to accommodate an assigned resource with a non-standard calendar.

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Since some users have reported inadvertent introduction of splits into hammock tasks during cost updating, I added a little module to close all such splits that are 100% in the future, prior to updating the hammock duration.Asta Power Project also includes a “hammock” task whose construction is more like that of an independent summary activity.That is, it is not necessary to indicate start/finish relationships.They are substantially more flexible than P3’s hammocks.In most respects the scheduling aspects of these LOE activities are similar to the scheduling of summary bars in P6 schedules (and summary tasks in MSP), with the key difference being that there is no need for common hierarchical structure or activity coding of the related primary activities.Hammock and LOE tasks are essentially the same, though minor differences exist in the implementation by different software.Since hammocks and LOE tasks do not possess any driving logic, they should be excluded from any formal definition of the Critical Path for the project.This macro/vba code comprises a single subroutine and a custom function that should be pasted together into a single module in Visual Basic for Applications.The “Update Hammocks” macro may then be assigned to a “hotkey” or ribbon command as appropriate. Our MSP add-in, BPC Logic Filter, excludes Hammocks constructed using this method from Longest-Path and Near-Longest-Path reports.Its schedule 'depends solely on the tasks that it supports/summarizes. Calculate Project End Sub Function Hammock Field Exists() As Boolean Dim Str Test As String Dim Flag Temp As String Str Test = "Hammock" On Error Resume Next Flag Temp = Active Project. Get Field(Field Name To Field Constant(Str Test)) If Err.'For this code to work: ' - All hammock tasks are coded using a custom Flag field (named "Hammock"); Alternately Flag1 is assumed.

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