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Although you can update applications on your i Phone directly from the smartphone, you can also download app updates through i Tunes on your computer.This is useful if the application update is very large, and downloading from the cellular network is cost-prohibitive or difficult if you have a bad signal.Your favorite app might not support the version of i OS you're on.To disable automatic app updates, follow the same steps and toggle the switch off.You can access and change this information right on your i Phone or i Pad.

Connect the i Phone to your computer by plugging the docking cable into the bottom of the i Phone and the USB connection to your computer's USB port.

The applications automatically transfer to the i Phone if your synchronisation settings are configured for application synchronisation.

Click the "Eject" button next to the "i Phone" tab to unplug the i Phone from your computer.

You can't actually view a list of devices associated with your i Tunes account on your i Phone or i Pad.

To see that, you'll have to log in via i Tunes on your computer.

Most people are not going to need more than one i Tunes account assigned to a single i Phone or i Pad. You may work somewhere that the company wants you to use its account to download apps to your device, but you also want to use your own apps.

If you need to switch between i Tunes accounts, you can.

Select your i Phone from the Devices list on the left-hand pane.

Click "Sync" to synchronise your i Phone to i Tunes.

Sometimes, that can get a little overwhelming and you may want to shut that down.

Here's how to enable or disable automatic downloads and updates, and how to make changes to your payment information or unsubscribe to services.

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