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It explains the behaviours, which are acceptable and unacceptable, with regard to use of ICT within our Academy.

Our E-Safety Policy applies to: It must be fully complied with at all times.

This E Safety Policy has been created by our E Safety working party and has been agreed by Academy Governors, Senior Managers and approved by the whole Academy community through a process of consultation.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the Academy network is operated safely and all users of ICT are safe and stands alongside other Academy policies.

E-Safety encompasses Internet technologies and electronic communications such as mobile phones and wireless technology.

This is pertinent to incidents of cyber-bullying, or other e-safety incidents covered by this policy, which may take place outside of the academy, but is linked to membership of the academy.Ensuring that the governing body is informed of the issues and the policies.Ensuring that appropriate funding is allocated to support Internet safety activities throughout the Academy, for both the technical infrastructure and Inset training. Our Designated Persons are Mrs G Durkin (Child Protection Officer) and Paul Sowerby (E Safety Coordinator) are the first point of contact for any Internet safety issue that may compromise the well being of a student and as such they are involved in: The primary responsibility of the E-Safety coordinator and Child Protection Officer is to establish and maintain a safe ICT learning environment within the Academy, they do this by: We have an E-Safety Policy Team that reviews and advises on our policies, a list of members is shown below.Our ultimate aim is for students to take responsibility for their own actions when using the Internet and other communications technologies, with each student developing a set of safe and discriminating behaviours to guide their own Internet use.Responsibilities we promote are: Our Governing Body has statutory responsibilities for child protection and health and safety, and elements of these include Internet safety.We aim to offer enriching experiences and a broad, balanced and personalised curriculum, using a range of strategies and approaches to individual needs and learning styles.Catcote Academy will always adopt a proactive approach to disability equality, mainstreaming it in all decisions and activities.It is the duty of our Academy to ensure that every child in our care is safe, and the same principles should apply to the ‘virtual’ or digital world as would be applied to the Academy’s physical buildings.This Policy document is drawn up to protect all parties – the students, the staff and the Academy and aims to provide clear advice and guidance on how to minimise risks and how to deal with any infringements.Our Governing Body is also involved in: We aim to ensure that Catcote Academy is a friendly and secure place, with a stimulating and rewarding environment.We want every student to make as much progress as possible.

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