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The pictures are the first thing we women look at (yes, looks DO matter, but not the way you might think).

Pictures are your first line of connection on a dating site. These ten suggestions are guaranteed to help you meet more women!

Many of men’s profile pictures are so dark, it is difficult to distinguish the person from the background.

The subconscious line of thinking goes, “daughter is beautiful, former wife was beautiful, I’m not beautiful, on to the next profile.” #4 Body Expose’ Pictures You exercise, you eat right, you admire your body.

There is a time and place to share that bare body with us, and profile pictures are not that place or time.

Does that hat you are wearing cover up a bald head? Light, airy rooms without a lot of clutter are the best places in your home for photos (no, not mirror selfies in the bathroom! What does clutter in a home photo tell you about a person? The sideways pictures are meant to be cute, enticing and different, but they end up just being extra work to see who is really in them. In photography one hears a lot about Figure-Ground.

It says you’re not the neatest person, and you can easily live around clutter, which, for a woman looking for a relationship (and aren’t we all? In Gestalt psychology Figure-Ground is known as identifying a figure from the background.

I care about my friends, and believe in honesty in relationships. I love deeply and enjoy sharing my feelings with my partner.

In my fun times I enjoy a wide variety of activities, everything from cycling to volunteering. Talk about your hopes, your dreams, your feelings, what you enjoy in others.

Man boobs top the list with some women, and with all the endocrine disruptors out there in society today, many men have them.

Then there is too much hair on the chest, not enough hair on the chest, wonderful abs, which to some women looks anorexic.

If you manage to intrigue a woman with your photos, you don’t want to lose her with your words. Many men list so many wonderful traits they say they possess, one wonders where or if humility ever figures in.

An example (taken from a man’s profile) is “I am optimistic, ambitious, outgoing, emotional, kind-hearted, loving, caring, understanding, fun, sensitive, playful, kind, sincere, honest, loving, intelligent, fairly easy-going, active, down to earth, honest, loyal, affectionate, positive, and have a great personality.” After all that, we women are on to the next profile because Mr. So, how do you tell the women viewing your profile you are someone they would enjoy meeting without sounding like you are selling snake oil instead of describing yourself?

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