Superposition is a relative age dating principle which states

Nature's Cathedral (12/11/17) Leonardo Di Caprio & The Nature of Reality: Crash Course Philosophy (12/10/17) Margaret Wertheim on math, physics, and mind-boggling visions of reality (12/09/17) I uncovered an unusual Figure from a 1923 patent for "exercising the teeth" (12/08/17) The planets to scale (11/30/17) What is angle A in the star-shaped figure? (11/28/17) A heart made of candy hearts (11/27/17) Pascal's Vase - demonstrating that depth, not shape, determines fluid pressure... (11/24/17) Border patrol service dogs waiting in line to get dinner. (Alaskan Gulf) (12/16/17) Isinglass, or dried fish swim bladders, has been used to clarify beers for decades (12/15/17) Meet the "last generation" of Kiribati, about to be swallowed by rising sea levels (12/14/17) Building An Orrery (12/13/17) Pretty photo. (11/29/17) 2 tracks start at same height and end at same height, but is the shortest distance the fastest route? (10/21/17) This curious images shows a Jesus-like figure interacting with a dinosaur (10/20/17) Looks like feathers attached to a neural network. Explore math strange realities (10/27/17) Reuleaux Triangle Intermittent Pins Mechanism 3D Model (10/26/17) Rack and pins reciprocating mechanism (10/25/17) For math geniuses. (10/24/17) The ceiling is completely flat, including the dome on the left (10/23/17) Morphing golden ring (10/22/17) The Teleporting Robot puzzle: The robot disappears before your eyes. When science and fear collide, a supernatural story thrives (10/08/17) Zonohedron Featuring 662 Faces: Octadecagons, Decagons, Octagons, Hexagons, and Rhombi (10/07/17) This humor could appeal to those interested in Beatles songs and flow charts (10/06/17) Photographer captures incredible images of spiders (10/05/17) This is an article on the mystery of "Terminal Lucidity" when near death (10/04/17) Strange universe. Skull (10/10/17) Imagine this is a portal to another universe, and, soon, an alien entity will emerge (10/09/17) Mummies & curses. Animated Centipede Brain Universe Mystery of Mia Human History Moog God Glass Worm 9999 Cables and God Square Reality Sphere Puzzle Gibson, Christ, Error Laurie Dhue Tiffany Shlain Da Vinci Code Iraq Insect Stone Face Corpse chess Creating life Chaos Scope Bathypelagic Woman Woman Fused Bird Crying 1000 Golems Woman & "Apples" Einstein Maze Mystery Dog Phyllodocida Twin Creatures Wasp Woman Woman on Bus Woman with Device-1 Woman with Device-2 Woman with machinery Heterochromous woman with eye Ultralineamentum Woman Fungi Mysterious message Paris Reality Woman with alien Red Button Recursive Mouth - .... (08/07/17) Images on a disc which when spun gives illusion of two men boxing (Eadweard Muybridge's Phenakistoscope, 1830-1904 (08/06/17) Peaceable Queens (chess) (08/05/17) I like that word "Eurypterids." You too? Cuneiform cookies (08/11/17) In geometry, a deltoid, also known as a tricuspoid or Steiner curve, is a hypocycloid of three cusps (08/10/17) NATO countries since 1949 (08/09/17) Using your eyes only, which one consists of a single piece of rope that has its ends joined (08/08/17) If the 1st metacarpal bone, pictured here, suddenly became twice as long in all humans, what would be the effect on civilization & society?

(11/26/17) Something is special about the mind of Indian mathematician Ramanujan (PDF) (11/25/17) Shortest scientific paper ever published in serious journal. Finland, circa 1940 (11/23/17) "Snowdecahedron" with its pentagonal faces (11/22/17) The Painted Weevil (Eurhinus magnificus), a stunning species with metallic emerald, gold, copper, ruby exoskeleton (11/20/17) Gaze in awe The famous Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920) gave us some beautiful formulas for Pi (11/19/17) Amazing garden sculptures in Montreal (11/18/17) A predecessor to our GPS devices in cars: The Tom Tom! 1932 (11/15/17) Chicks dig Star Wars BB8 droids (11/14/17) Wisdom of Bertand Russell (11/13/17) "The Open Office is disruptive, stressful, cumbersome. No One Knows How to Use It (11/10/17) An Infinite Galaxy Puzzle That Can Be Built in Any Direction (11/03/17) Mechanical hand. (11/11/17) This Medieval Prayer Wheel is More Than 1,000 Years Old. (12/18/17) Control room of the 1918 German submarine UB-110 (12/17/17) Merging Oceans. (12/27/17) Faraday train (12/26/17) Mystery of math. (Seven-dimensional geometry.) (12/25/17) Looks almost like math and computer graphics. New Belgrade, Serbia (12/24/17) Ants create "sculpture" tunnels in art-form model of parallel universes (12/23/17) Our computer overlords. Segway: 1923 (Buster Keaton) and today (Dean Kamen) (12/20/17) Image from Golf ball patent, 1902 (12/19/17) For any value of letter "a" from 1 to 9, the result is always the same. [Paris: 1564] (11/02/17) Warping of reality (11/01/17) This is a humorous icon for "liking Schrodinger." (10/31/17) Your x-ray showed a broken rib, but.... From: Instrumenta chyrurgiae et icones anathomicae, by Ambroise Par. Doubles the volume of i Phone without causing any extra battery usage (08/12/17) Eat the past. (Royal Albert Hall, London, 1932 (08/17/17) This is a 1601 depiction of sailors battling Giant Crabs in Indian Ocean (08/16/17) Using your eyes only, which one consists of a single piece of rope that has its ends joined (08/15/17) A dust devil spins across the surface of Mars (08/14/17) It is possible to use the natural contours of nature to amplify smartphone sounds (08/13/17) Body of phone case is a sound chamber. Rhodochrosite crystal (08/29/17) Global Internet usage. This is a 4-dimensional hexdecahedroid (08/21/17) Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire 1300-1923 (08/20/17) Dragonflies posing for a photo (08/19/17) Skeleton Shop, London, 1935 (08/18/17) A woman grasping a huge organ. (Miami Beach.) (08/30/17) Sometimes the beauty of nature reminds us of mathematics. Red=high) (08/28/17) Mechanically separated chicken slurry to create chicken nugget (08/27/17) Imagine the joy of playing Faeries Aire and Death Waltz, the worlds' most unplayable score (08/26/17) An animation of Mars orbit (08/25/17) This is humor from Mark Tatulli involving a mathematical child. French woman, on bench, with hat, smoking cigarette. 2-D cyclical cellular automaton growing to repeating patterns from a random start (08/22/17) Dream about higher dimensional worlds with someone you love.

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