Stats on teenage dating abuse sophia bush currently dating


Many statistics are skewed because they come from public agencies, city hospitals, police departments, social service agencies and the courts.

Since upper middle class individuals are often less likely to seek services from a public agency, they are not included in these stats.

*World Health Organization, Global and regional estimates of violence against women: Prevalence and health effects of intimate partner violence and non-partner sexual violence, (2013); **Catalano, Shannan. The elements of abusive relationships are similar for heterosexual and homosexual relationships, and there can be different tactics of control used; for instance, the abusive partner may threaten to out the other partner to family or professors. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics (2007); Tween and Teen Dating Violence and Abuse Study, Teenage Research Unlimited for Liz Claiborne Inc. A lot of people drink and use drugs and most people do not abuse.

An individual’s size, strength, politics or personality does not determine whether she or he could be abused or an abuser. and the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline (2008); CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (February 2008); and Silverman et al. Not all abusers drink and not all people who drink are abusive. See What Causes Relationship Abuse for more information.

Society tells them that they must be thinner or more muscular to be loved, accepted and successful in life. Book a speaker for your student assembly to empower your students to look beyond the media’s view of beauty and not fall into the traps of eating disorders and negative body image.

Read Don’t Buy the Lie for former Armani runway model Jennifer Strickland’s message on how the media attacks girls’ body image.

Media, social and peer pressures influence the way teens see themselves.

She talks about how media influences can damage teens’ self image.

Self image issues can lead to eating disorders, drug and alcohol use, cutting, bullying and sexual addictions.

Studies prove that media can have a negative impact on self image.

Many people have low self esteem and do not choose to abuse.

See What Causes Relationship Abuse for more information. For example, abusers do not choose to hit their bosses or TAs, no matter how angry they are.

They severely restrict the amount of food they allow themselves to eat and often exercise excessively. Warning signs: underweight, refusal to eat, over-exercise, unhealthy skin, hair and nails.

Bulimia is usually more difficult to detect than anorexia.

Warning signs: weight fluctuations, over-exercise, sneaking food, unhealthy skin, hair and nails.

Just Say YES speakers provide insight and relate personal experience to help students combat the pressures of conforming to a certain body image.

Teens are barraged with a constant stream of media and peer pressures related to body image.

The media tells them their value is based on their outward appearance.

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