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Nominoe (a Breton) became the first duke of Brittany, seizing Nantes in 850.Discord marked the first decades of Breton rule in Nantes as Breton lords fought among themselves, making the city vulnerable to Viking incursions.Nantes belongs historically and culturally to Brittany, a former duchy and province, and its omission from the modern administrative region of Brittany is controversial.Nantes was identified during classical antiquity as a port on the Loire.

Although Nantes was the primary residence of the 15th-century dukes of Brittany, Rennes became the provincial capital after the 1532 union of Brittany and France.In Gallo, the oïl language traditionally spoken in the region around Nantes, the city is spelled "Naunnt" or "Nantt".Gallo pronunciation is identical to French, although northern speakers use a long The first inhabitants of what is now Nantes settled during the Bronze Age, later than in the surrounding regions (which have Neolithic monuments absent from Nantes).) is a city in western France on the Loire, 50 km (31 mi) from the Atlantic coast.The city is the sixth-largest in France, with a population of nearly 300,000 in Nantes and an metroplitan area of 908,815 inhabitants.Nantes is named after a tribe of Gaul, the Namnetes, who established a settlement between the end of the second century and the beginning of the first century BC on the north bank of the Loire near its confluence with the Erdre.The origin of the name "Namnetes" is uncertain, but is thought to come from the Gaulish root *nant- (river or stream, Like other cities in the region (including Paris), its name was replaced during the fourth century with a Gaulish one; Lutecia became Paris (city of the Parisii), and Darioritum became Vannes (city of the Veneti).).Ratiatum, founded under Augustus, developed more quickly than Nantes and was a major port in the region.Nantes began to grow when Ratiatum collapsed after the Germanic invasions.Deindustrialisation in the second half of the 20th century spurred the city to adopt a service economy.In 2012, the Globalization and World Cities Research Network ranked Nantes as a Gamma world city.

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