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I mostly game on Steam but also do enjoy a fair bit of gaming on my PSP when out and about.

I currently live in Thailand but am moving to the UK for university, before then eventually moving to Sweden.

Please do message me if you would like to perhaps be friends.

Transgender girls need not hesitate as I love and support all women who are kind and compassionate!

I need someone to practice talking in English with everyday.

We ended up enjoying Brazil, so we decided to stay for a couple of weeks and work in order to more money when traveling to our next destination.My English is not that bad it's just that I feel like if I don't talk with someone in English it will just get worse and I don't want that. I will keep you company whenever you want someone to talk to and I could listen to you talk about your day and such things.This is not about finding someone to be my English teacher but it's about having an online friend.Message if you interested into sitting with us and talking to us while we sit outside and probably get spooked by noises and such. If you want to skype or something just hit me up with your info..:) N7r3Li Hey, I'm from Texas. I like politics, history, foreign languages, music, and good conversations.However, today I find myself trapped in the apartment due to the extreme weather outside. So I decided to stay home and watch comedians in cars getting coffee and I decided to get on here and see if anybody was interested in talking for a bit.I'll talk about anything except religion and politics.Also I'm not only looking for native English speakers.Anyone is welcome even if you need to practice speaking too.As the title says, I'm looking for a cool girl to play videogames and watch movies with along with messing around on Reddit with.Some of the games I enjoy playing are Don't Starve Together, Darkest Dungeon and Skullgirls.

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