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I'll talk about anything except religion and politics.

The dumber the topic the better so if you're up for it just pm me.

With the group having started on the 10th of Saturday, there are 20 men and 16 women so far, waiting to hear from you :) 0 MEN' S SLOTs AND 4 WOMEN' S SLOTs ONLY OPENED LEFT! I play cello, I know 5 languages and others more to a lesser degree of fluency, and I like reading the Economist every day lol.

(If you also play ROBLOX, that's a huge plusss for me bc we can play together ;) ) I need someone to practice talking in English with everyday.

Recently I've seen a few posts that are intended as PSAs (Public Service Announcements) regarding certain users who may or may not be lying about their age, gender, etc...

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He also has a few other known identities, tasteme, jkate9*** and oliviax** Same deal, He will try and extort/blackmail hundreds of dollars from you. There are only a couple of rules: 1 - Be 18 - 40 (I can give a pass to someone over 40, but not to someone under 18, sorry.) 2 - Be respectful (Which doesn't mean be PC) :) 3 - Be able to take a joke 4 - Not a jerk off group.I’d prefer to talk to someone that has similar interests to me, so if you’re interested message me with a little about yourself. If you only say something like “add me” I probably won’t reply. Looking for someone who likes voice calls as much as me and welling to just talk for hours or before bed until we fall asleep.I do enjoy telling stories that happened to me in my life and the weird things that I did : D.Examples 1 | Example 2 I've had to make this post because although the intentions behind these PSA posts are great the execution is not good at all, making public posts with a person's username in the title or in the post violates reddiquette regarding witch hunting. In the past moderators have been sort of inactive but you can count on us to remove these people from our community from now on.So how do we deal with trolls, scammers and creeps? So what we require of you is that if you suspect someone is breaking the rules or if you've experienced someone doing it to you please message the moderators with an outline of the issue. From now on I will be removing PSA posts as they can be dealt with through a message to the moderators. Feel free to message me, or post suspicious usernames in the comments.We ended up enjoying Brazil, so we decided to stay for a couple of weeks and work in order to more money when traveling to our next destination.I got a job as a bartender at a Club in Rio so I work at night.This is not about finding someone to be my English teacher but it's about having an online friend.Also I'm not only looking for native English speakers.So in the day time I just enjoy the beautiful beaches and food.However, today I find myself trapped in the apartment due to the extreme weather outside. So I decided to stay home and watch comedians in cars getting coffee and I decided to get on here and see if anybody was interested in talking for a bit.

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