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A 100% match means that it has the exact same tags in the exact same order, while a 0% match means it has no tags in common.

Why you should care Fortunately most of the fraudsters aren’t that sophisticated from what I’ve seen, so there’s a lot of ways to flush them out of the bushes and cut your losses before they start.

There’s very good reason to catch them “Before” they start.

Now there’s no way you can block all proxies, I know this but you can weed out the simple ones by checking the regular open proxy ports which are 80, 8080, and 3128.

I’ve written a little function that you pass the IP address to and return 0 or 1 based on whether those ports are open on the IP.

Just take this code and stick it in your sign up form or registration form and decide how you want to deal with these orders or sign ups. PHP Proxy Port Checking Code: Other method I use is to reverse the IP to a physical location using Max Mind Geo IP or something of the sort, and then compare the signup address to the location of the IP address.

You may want to just throw them into a queue to be manually checked. It’s not fool proof but can help flag possible fraud.

To use the site simply click on one of the icons on the right side and allow your webcam and you will be connected to random people.

There’s large organized rings of fraudsters primarily in China, India, Phillipines, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey and a few other countries.

So if any of my readers on from those countries and get denied for networks and offers a lot that’s why.

Welcome to Top Chat Sites, a one-stop shop for all the best cam to cam sites like Chatroulette.

We have scoured the internet to find the most popular random chats and brought them all together for you in one place.

As some of you know I’ve been moving to building my own offers and some other things on the advertisers side I’ll sharing later.

In this quest I’ve found the most challenging thing is to flush out the fraud from the legitimate users.

Therefore the prevention of these transactions going through is a good place to begin.

One of the hard parts about owning a network or running an offer is the careful balancing act between what you let through and what you block.

So the goal is to build little checks in to weed out most of the fraud before it starts.

One thing I’ve chosen is anyone signing up with a proxy is going to get denied.

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