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According to their original operating licenses, the two companies were not allowed to ever own each other's license.

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The company also has a minor interest in Sirius XM Canada, an affiliate company that provides Sirius and XM service in Canada.

In the fourth quarter of 2009, Sirius XM posted a profit for the first time, with a net income of .2 million.

This came after net losses of 5.8 million in the year following the merger.

Sirius XM ended 2009 with 18.8 million subscribers.

By the end of 2012, Sirius XM's subscriber base had grown to 23.9 million, mostly due to an increase in partnerships with automakers and car dealers; a strong push in the used-car market; and continued improved car sales in the US in general.

The renewal of radio show host Howard Stern's contract through 2015 (0 million for five years, 0 million less than Stern's previous five-year deal) was also a factor in the company's steady growth; Stern's show attracted over 12 million listeners per week.

As of 2017, Sirius XM had approximately a 75% penetration rate in the new car market.

FCC chairman Kevin Martin stated, "The merger is in the public interest and will provide consumers with greater flexibility and choices." The biggest challenge for the newly unified company was selling more subscriptions with the drop in the number of cars sold annually in the US, the subsequent reduced demand for cars equipped with satellite radio, as well as online radio-streaming competition.

Conditions of the merger included allowing any third-party company to make satellite radio devices; producing new radios that can receive both XM and Sirius channels within one year; allowing consumers to choose which channels they would like to have; freezing subscription rates for three years; setting aside 8% of its channels for noncommercial programmers; and paying .7 million in fines for past rule violations.

The company offers trial subscriptions to new car owners, and then offers customers a variety of subscription options.

There are more than 100 million cars on the road with Sirius XM radios installed.

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