Sex messenger apps

What makes Whisper one of the most dangerous apps for kids is that the anonymous aspect of the platform, paired with the location-based grouping, can easily connect your child with a predator.

Blendr On Blendr, kids can message, exchange photos and videos, and rate the “hotness” of other users, based upon GPS location -- this, alone, poses an obvious issue with teens and tweens who are basing their identity and self-esteem on the feedback they receive from their peers.

Install a parental control software that includes a report when new apps are downloaded by anyone in your family.

The term “Online Predators” has introduced since the internet has come into existence.

Kidnapping, rape, child pornography, murder; these are the stories we see, all too frequently, involving our children.

So, having these kinds of facts cyber predators are using social messaging apps such as Facebook, Kik, Line, Vine, Instagram and others as their cover.This can be potentially devastating, as well as fuel for cyberbullying, should your teen share intimate information about themselves with friends.For this reason alone, Snapchat makes our list of the most dangerous apps for kids.Obviously, the technology in the shape of instant messaging apps provides cover and anonymity to the cyber predators.They can operate sitting in their sleeper cells and can make contact with their target without exposing their identity.While you may consider yourself a pro at navigating Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, these are relatively safe places for your children to spend time, as attested by this list of dangerous apps for kids.Again, arm yourself with information to stay “in-the-know” with the apps your child may be drawn to, but can very well be harmful to them.The best way to protect your children is to arm yourself with information, so let’s take a look at some of the most dangerous apps for One of the most dangerous apps for teens, and one continually making headlines, is kik.Messaging app kik allows your kids to send messages that you can’t see, and verifying the identity of both sender and receiver is very difficult.A popular app for kids under age 18, kik’s also very popular with sexual predators; this app should be deleted from your child’s phone.Snapchat Many adults are already using Snapchat, so you may already know the basics of using the app.

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