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He lives in South Jersey with his three kids and a dog, and likes to sleep in tents as much as possible. — On some July nights, colored blooms of gunpowder and magnesium used to burst above every gabled roof here, crackling over the blood-red end zones of Taggart Stadium and the bustling pottery plant and tin mills, their reflections turning the Shenango River and Neshannock Creek into ribbons of light.

No one in the “Fireworks Capital of America” ever needed much of an excuse to light the fuse and feel that familiar thump of a just-lit mortar against their breastbones.

“We want to know who did them.” New Castle still hosted some fireworks events last year, including the annual Italian Festival, but its Fireworks Festival was canceled.

Falotico said illnesses at the tourism board made it too difficult to pull the festival off.

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Archives of the New Castle News, which has its offices downtown, are filled with stories about fatal explosions and injuries.

Today, few if any fireworks are made in the United States.

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Pyrotecnico stopped making its own fireworks in the late 1980s.And of course, they always filled the sky around Independence Day in this scrappy city 55 miles north of Pittsburgh in Lawrence County.“The people of New Castle are very passionate people about their fireworks,” said Janet Falotico, a city resident and executive director of Visit Lawrence County, the tourism board.The park, like Zambell’s fireworks, was meant to “light up” the lives of New Castle residents according to a plaque there.It was empty on this spring afternoon, a pack of Newport cigarettes and a hooded sweatshirt sitting on the ground by the plaque.Most of the massive displays the company produces, including for Philadelphia’s Wawa Welcome America festival and fireworks for both the Eagles and the Phillies, are designed on computers. “We were able to do the parade this year.” Pyrotecnico, which has offices across the country, also does special-effects work and fireworks for concerts.“Last year, we did about 2,800 shows, which is good,” Vitale said. It’s fairly recession-resistant.” The Chinese city of Liuyang would be considered the world’s fireworks capital, he said.“For a city in Act 47, it hurts when you lose any business, but this hurt a little more.” Zambelli’s founder, Antonio Zambelli, brought the company from Italy to New Castle in 1893, and it continues to design and light off major fireworks displays all over the world.In a brief news release last year, Zambelli said the “the move was dictated by the growth projections necessitated for ongoing demand of our architectural displays.” The company declined to comment further.He visits twice a year to see what new products his company will purchase.“The majority of our products, I would say 90 percent, come from China,” he said.

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