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He appeared to be everything a priest should be – understanding, caring, helpful, and holy. “The children felt secure being part of something so social and respected,” she added.From snatches of conversation she had overheard of the phone conversations between the priest and her oldest son she assumed that Fr.Although his brief explanation at the time sent up a number of red flags, after a few unsuccessful attempts to discover the name of the alleged victim’s mother who eventually withdrew the 1978 charges, I let the matter drop. Cipolla to support the sex abuse charges, I knew it would eventually find me. Father Cipolla stayed in contact with me even after his laicization by Pope John Paul II in 2002 – always by phone, always maintaining his innocence regarding the alleged sex abuse allegations.Over the years, as a personal favor, I periodically edited some articles for the publication dedicated to Saint Padre Pio in whom I have a great interest.The noise and confusion in Tom’s head made it impossible for him to tolerate any noise by the children.

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When he didn’t have time to visit he would call and ask specifically to speak with Frank. Frank was especially excited by the priest’s talk of a summer of fun and special trips which Fr. He was never the same man he was before the accident.

It also deals with the Jim Bendig sex abuse settlement claim with the Pittsburgh Diocese in 1993.

Part III - “The Pittsburgh Diocese – A Study of Lies, Deceit and Treachery” is a documented review of the Pittsburgh Diocese’s decades-old pattern of covering-up clerical sex abuse crimes in general, and of the Thompson Case, in particular.

The main topic up for discussion was our mutual nemesis, Bishop Donald W.

Wuerl, Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, and currently Archbishop of Washington, D. I was researching the bishop’s background for my chapter on the late Cardinal John J.

She was a former home-schooling leader and a veteran of the Mc Hugh Wars promoting sex initiation programs in Catholic schools dating back to the late 1960s. This particular phone call, however, was to inform me Mrs. Henry helped me set up an introductory phone appointment with Diana, after which there was exchange of detailed information, mostly in the form of e-mails, for over a period of more than six months.

Henry had made contact with Diana Thompson (now Diana Magnum) the mother of not one, but three sons, two of whom she said were sexually abused in 1977-1978 by Fr. Part I – “Setting the Record Straight,” covers the grooming of the Thompson family by Fr.

Cipolla and the testimony of two of his victims, Frank Labiaux, and his stepbrother, Thomas “Tucker” Thompson.

I do not use the word “alleged” in connection with the victims’ accusations because I believe the evidence presented in this investigative report supports the truthfulness of their testimony and is incontrovertible.

If there was ever a case to support the opening up the window to victims of clerical and other institutional sexual abuse, a window closed by the current statutes of limitations in the state of Pennsylvania, the Thompson Case is it. Cipolla set his eyes on Diana Thompson and her family, including her three young sons, he must have thought he had died and gone to heaven. It was his fifth parish assignment since his ordination in 1972 – an unusual record for any young priest.

All sexual predators, especially homosexual hunters of young boys, seem to be born with a built-in Geiger counter that instinctively seeks out vulnerable parents and their even more vulnerable young male offspring. It is impossible that this fact had escaped Father Newell’s attention or that of the Pittsburgh Diocese.

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