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This recording is by the mk2 line-up in which Jimmy Mc Kenna on bass/vocal and Peter Scott on guitar/vocals are joined by Newcastles John Miller on drums, and was recorded by Steve Thompson at Impulse Studios, Wallsend in January 1979.Just heard from Ray, late of The Red Lion in Norton, Stockton, just to clarify some points as there has been some ch....changes to what we said originally; Ray is likely to be seen in the Moorcock in Peterlee on Friday nights - for no better reason than it's a bloody good night there.One of the few bands from way back when that are actually still gigging today (gotta be doing something right! Val imparted some info that she from frontman Len that they have, indeed, left the 'funk' behind and also guitarist Tom.

And may I copy a snippet from Val's review: The all new Three Tuns Sheriff Hill BUSKERS kicked off Wednesday 4th July hosted each week by none other than RUSS TIPPINS. Borderland were quite prepared to give of their time and energy totally for free to support this worthwhile cause but, apparently, the great people of Barnard Castle and surrounding areas just don't feel the same. just in case, and of course, to let all the punters know . So, if you had a gig booked - or would like a gig at The Masons Arms - then get in touch with Paul and he will do his best to accommodate. Nice to hear from those Grumpy lads who got such a kick out of reading Val's review of a gig of theirs from way back. This gig was arranged to support those fearless North East Air Ambulance guys who not only save lives multiple times a week, but also risk their own. it's now Thursdays at the Red Lion, and not Mondays.................. Apparently the booking 'diary' was less than useful and, apart from bands he has been able to contact, any other supposed bookings are no longer valid. Not sure what is happending at The Royal in Stanley as some bookings seem still to be valid; best bet if you have a gig booked there to check it is still on. Thanks to gig at Glaxo Club in Barnard Castle has had to be cancelled due to poor ticket sales. No news as yet on whether the new owners will be continuing the gig nights.Big River are sheer class and Alan personally asked me to be a part of it.Bring it on" And if you are thinking 'hmmm, not sure whether to pop along to that one' can Riffs just list all the performers (not to mention all the behind-the-scenes peeps) who are giving of their time free of charge: 's turn for our look back in time to 2008 when the band played their usual blistering set, this time at Gateshead's Three Tuns. But - they get something money just can't buy - the respect of Riffs (and hopefully a lot of you guys out there).If you are into some original t-shirts and are embarrassed at the ones that say "I love AC/DC (or whatever)" then you will go ape-shit over what speak as we find cos I have bought many of these over the years and they are not only spot-on quality but are generous in length (Val has just chipped in to say that makes such a dfference to her...). If you're anything like me you fill your basket with such great designs - then wonder how the hell you are going to wear them all!!!! So, either everyone was high and can't remember; everyone has long since died; everyone has now got Alzheimer's; no-one reads Riffs. It was a ploy by the Turbinia to trick me and Val into thinking the place was heaving by filling the venue with holograms..... 's turn to have their review on show - the only problem is Val, in her infinite wisdom, forgot to add the year to her review and we have only the 16th of December.My faves: "Rosies - where the girls ain't exactly pretty, and they ain't exactly small", also: a picture of the building in New York that was used for the cover on Physical Graffiti, with just "St. Well, if it's the latter why am I wasting my time?!!! We think it may be about ten years ago but not really sure, If you were there then give us a shout....Nice to see that a venue that was going so strong and had such a good reputation ten years ago, is not only going stronger than ever, but still holds the acolade of being on many bands' list of the place to play in the region. So, Borderland, apologies if we have embarrassed you but when some bands grumble at how little they are getting paid it's great to know there are lads like yourselves willing to go that extra mile..............Mind you, same goes for The Grumpies - still rockin' our venues around the region with quality Rock classics. Seems to be a lot of apathy at the moment concerning live gigs - we hear very little from bands - hence we are re-visiting Riffs reviews from yesteryear. Tell us why you're looking forward to a particular gig; tell us why Bongo Bill on drums is nervous about this gig; why Throaty the singer is wondering if his voice will hold out till the last song; why you turn down certain gigs but play others; what pubs have you always wanted to play but never had the chance....

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