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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Trevor and Zendaya have been friends since Disney, Trevor has a secret he's in love with Zendaya, They start to date until Laura Trevor's crazy ex girlfriend comes to break up ZEVOR...... (Roshon POV) Im at the park waiting for Zendaya,when I spotted her i walked towards her. Something caught my eye she was wearing the necklace that I gave her on the last day we saw eachother it said "You still have that necklace? "Yes" She said I looked at her hard, she was soo amazing. " I asked "We are not dating" She said I was confused "What do you mean "we are not dating" I asked "I mean that went you moved from Oakland to Philippines I broke up with you, because I thought you had another girlfriend or something"She said sadly.Xavier (1 episode)Ricky Nestor (1 episode)D'Artagnan (1 episode)Bryan (1 episode)Harrison(1 episode)Matt Tucker (1 episode)Julio Xasiver (1 episode)Justin Starr (celeb crush)Howie (1 episode) Logan Hunter (3 episodes)Mark (Future Husband) Rocky is school-smart, responsible, driven, adorable sweetie and practical - and she always finds herself being dragged into Ce Ce's plans." She also has a somewhat strange (and semi-sadistic) sense of humour, finding lots of inappropriate situations funny and can also be somewhat sarcastic.In Season 3 Rocky is unable to attend school for the first time ever as she is quarantined in Lock It Up after she chose to help at the hospital.She is an extremely pretty girl, who is described as generous, funny, smart, friendly, and overachieving.

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Rocky is quite reserved and thinks logically before acting, which causes her to be pushed around by Ce Ce to take more risks.

Roy-y shon= Roshon He's mix, African- American on his father's side and Filipino on his mother's Zendaya is mix also from an African father and Dutch ancestry from her mother's who was a house manager at the theater that Zendaya first started acting in.

they are brother and sister maybe there parents broke up look on zendayas google plus page it has a shielded check mark it shows they are brother and sister.

She likes "Pride and Prejudice," but thinks it is about romance.

She is also called a goody two shoes by many of the other characters.

"I know but we can't date no more I have a boyfriend"She said My heart broke into little pieces, I felt betrayed I let go of her face and put my hands on my face. Tears were coming down from my eyes, I really messed up.

"Thank you, Roshon I need to tell you something." She said looking down. I held her face close to mine so our noses were touching,her eyes were beautiful "Im here forever,im not leaving no more"I said still looking at her. "Ok, then I will go back to Philippines." I said (Zendaya POV) "Please dont say that Ro I've missed you,you can't go back." I said holding his arms. " he shouted-whispeared I gently let go of his arm,he wasen't even facing me.

Rocky maybe perfect at everything but she does have her flaws in her personality which is that she talk herself out doing something before it happens, although she grew out of it, but her biggest flaw is that she lets her temper get the best of her as it clouds her judgement and she jumps to a conclusion, shown when she and Ce Ce had a huge fight in Japan even thou Ce Ce tells her that what she did wasn't entirely her fault but Rocky believed she was lying to her as she knew her selfish way.

, she warns Ce Ce saying, "Ce Ce, if you don't apologize, you're gonna have to deal with my super-bad-wheel-of-punishment-time!

The current relationship status of Roshon Fegan is not known.

Often credited simply as Roshon, he is an actor and rapper known for his role as Ty Blue on the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up.

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