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No one at the pharmacy saw Smith with any kind of a weapon and he did not commit acts of violence during the alleged robbery.” The report detailed how the situation escalated after Smith attempted to flee an officer who confronted him with an assault rifle: “With Smith just a few feet away, the officer claimed that Smith motioned near his waist, which the officer believed to indicate that Smith was reaching for a gun. Smith did not have a gun.” According to the aunt, Dominic Smith “wasn’t in his right mind” when the shooting occurred.

By then, the young man was in the depths of an opioid addiction.

She’s the aunt of Dominic Smith, who was shot to death at age 30 by APD officer Jacob Welch in 2009 after an alleged robbery of a Walgreen’s drug store.

“There have been improvements, but not as far as justice and the police getting reprimanded for their actions,” Saiz said.

“When I read about James Boyd, I came down.” Larissa Lewis arrived this Oct.

22 toting her familiar placard with photos of her late son Kerry and his girlfriend smiling to the stars, beautiful young people imbued with the excitement of life, and a stark message: “Corruption equals brutality. #Chain of corruption.” Murdered in Albuquerque back in 2009 at the age of 21, Kerry Lewis wasn’t slain by police, but a mother’s grueling search for the truth led her through layers of a justice system she depicted as inhabited by highly questionable investigators, murky informants, drug dealers and musical-chair players who move between government law enforcement and private security firms. District Judge Robert Brack, the federal judge overseeing the APD reforms, for being too cozy with people he is supposed to be impartially overseeing by ending a July 28, 2016 status hearing on the process with a courtroom picnic attended by officers, DOJ officials and other stakeholders.

Prior to his addiction, Smith was studying electrical engineering and had helped his mom in a new business, according to Saiz.

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