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An active friendship circle, interests, hobbies, and close family ties all keep her busy.

As women get older their lives tend to be more multifaceted and complex because they have more time to explore and grow as a person.

These are not negative things when you’re dating an older man, it means that he’s gone through difficult times and come out the other side.

He is easily hurt over small things and can get depressed.Yet, there is a stereotype that dating an older man is fruitless, as they only want a ‘nurse or a purse’. Everyone that has been on the receiving end of a stereotype can tell you that it’s usually nonsense.This is due to the other stereotype that surrounds older men, that they tend to slow down in later life, become settled in their ways and are done with exploring new opportunities. While it may be true that there is a perception that senior men can be lacking in energy to try out new things, that perception isn’t accurate.Luckily, when you’re dating an older man, the chances of all three of these boxes being ticked are substantially higher when you’re dating a 65-year-old compared to a 45-year old.It’s likely that he owns his own home, if he had children they are grown up and have flown the nest, so there’s no worry him having to manage his time between households.Perhaps the truth is not that older men slow down, Once you reach a certain age then the luxury of time becomes available to you in new ways.Perhaps you’ve gone part-time, retired, or even just don’t have any more kids loitering around the house! I would consider myself a sensitive man and I used to resent it as it was how I was raised which was to love and appreciate people. Summary A sensitive man can love hard, but hurt easily because he puts his all.That’s when older women tend to go into overtime, making sure every moment is packed with pursuits, whether their intellectual, activity based or simply seeing friends and family.Dating an older man doesn’t mean that you have to slow down to a standstill but, instead, learn to meet someone else's pace.

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