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If a client fails to send their coach their questions 24 hours in advance for their coaching call, the client forfeits their written email and action plan for that session.

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Our partners will have a greater impact on our lives than our education, employer, the city we live in, etc.Phone coaching details…Questions – The student emails his coach his questions for the session 24 hours before the session. Dating Mastery Program (8 Week Infield Bootcamp) New York City: January 19th – March 23rd. The Call – The coach addresses each of the written questions, and talks though them with the client, addressing other questions as they come up. Changes – Most students start noticing changes the first week of phone coaching, while they’re doing the exercises assigned to them for homework. Available Phone Coaching Programs: One Session – 0Contact us NOW to learn more about our: Phone Coaching Options! After – The coach emails the client with the week’s plan, giving the client a roadmap with specific steps to help him get through his current set of challenges. This gives our coaches enough time understand your situation and goals, cover your individualized lesson, and assign you actionable steps for homework. Duration – Phone coaching programs usually last 8-12 weeks. People are more conscious of their behaviors and actions, set higher goals and are accountable to achieve them when working with coaches.Experienced coaches know how to help you set the right goals, have the right mentality and know what actions you need to take to reach your goals.Most of our clients have weekly or bi-weekly calls lasting 1 hour either video chat or phone (based on the client’s preference) and needs.Most coaching relationships last between 3-12 months.

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