Oracle triggers when updating


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You cannot run two instances of a web server at once, so the Apple Apache must be stopped before you can install XAMPP.A: This usually means that the database folder does not have sufficient permissions for writing by the web user.This can happen if you create the SQL folder new, rather than copying it from the Exercise Files.In OSX 10.7 and earlier, you could start and stop the Apache Web Server in Control Panel, by choosing "Sharing" and then unchecking the "Web Sharing" checkbox.As of 10.8 this option is no longer in the control panel.checking is "going to consume some time", absolutely.(you sort of DO want to do checking, else it would - well - always fire) What I mean is we should have some sort of checking at the statement level itself. update emp set status=nvl(status,'COMPLETE') Looking at the the first statement we know that there is going to be no change to "status".With when clause even though the body does not get fired, it takes timing for checking here are stats I found.No of Records Without Trigger With Trigger Trigger with When Clause 323336 Run 1 16 Seconds 51 Seconds 28 seconds 323336 Run 2 16 Seconds 52 Seconds 28 seconds 323336 Run 3 20 Seconds 248 Seconds Thanks Koshal November 27, 2006 - pm UTC the when clause is the way to have the trigger check to see if it should fire the body or not.He offers a solid working knowledge of the language, and shows how to retrieve and manage data efficiently.The final chapter includes a real-world example of building a simple CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) application using SQL.

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