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We didn’t want to get married in Matt’s hometown (Bloomington, IN) or my hometowns (Tampa, FL and San Diego, CA) because we didn’t want the wedding to be dominated by one side.

The wedding location determines a lot about the wedding.

Of course we consulted with our families and made a few adjustments, but we made sure we would only be surrounded by our closest friends and family (none of our dads’ golf buddies, for example, or family friends we hadn’t seen in ten years).

While we were dwindling down the guest list, we were simultaneously scouring the state of Colorado for a suitable location.

We had to look at the wedding guest list through an honest lens. Finally, I noticed there were colleagues whom I felt obligated to invite.

I noticed that there were people on the list who were pretty much only there because I had been invited to their weddings (even though we aren’t particularly close friends). I also noticed there were people on the list with whom I wanted to be closer friends. I applied the following litmus test: “When I move on to my next job, will I still be friends with _____?

As we piled 64 rock-hard avocados into our shopping cart at Sam’s Club four days before the wedding, I wondered, “Can we really make guacamole for 80 people on our wedding day?

Will these avocado But it was important for us to make it work.

Matt and I applied the same approach to our wedding.

We wanted to figure out the big picture before we let ourselves dwell in the details.

” If the answer was no, they were off the list, too.

Luckily, we had the primary say over our guest list because we paid for the wedding ourselves.

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