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The Office also noted that if applicants want to ensure that the Office retains a precise record of what was submitted for registration, they are encouraged to include an international standard number in the application if one has been assigned to the work. Today’s technical upgrade enhances the online application by adding the other identifiers listed above.See Simplifying Deposit Requirements for Certain Literary Works and Musical Compositions, 82 Fed. When completing the Publication / Completion screen in the online application, applicants may select the appropriate prefix from the drop down menu marked “International Standard Number Type” and provide the relevant number in the field marked “International Standard Number.” This number will appear on the certificate of registration, and in the case of an ISBN or ISSN, it also will appear in the online public record for that work.

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In the final rule the Office explained that in the case of a work-made-for-hire author the application would contain a space where applicants must provide employee information or the application will not be accepted by the system.

This feature, however, was removed from the new applications.

Therefore, applicants should confirm that the number has been entered correctly.

The Office does not assign standard numbers for works of authorship.

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The Office was concerned that punctuation in the file name might cause a technical error that could prevent the system from opening the files.

Now that the new applications have been tested and released, the Office has confirmed that punctuation should not cause this type of problem.

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