Norton not updating virus definitions

Back to top Symantec's Intelligent Updater is an alternative to Live Update for obtaining the most recent virus definitions.Intelligent Updater is less convenient to use than Live Update, because it is a manual process.For example, Norton 2005 comes with a worm-proof firewall that replaces the Windows firewall upon intallation.Upgrading a product in this case an antivirus program just means you get a newer performance enhanced (or not) version of the same product.Norton antivirus 2003, for example, can be upgraded to Norton 2004 or 2005.Each of the Nortons vary a little although the scanning engine is fundamentally the same.Thanks Several people on CNET sites have talked about \u0022staying with NV2004\u0022 or \u0022going back to to NV2003\u0022.

I mention that because I just got another update for my Norton firewall 2003 which has now been changed from 6.0.4 ( I believe )to, you can get upgrades of a program without going to a newer version ie. As I said in my previous posting, my Norton 2003 firewall got upgraded to a newer version but was and is still Norton 2003.Likewise my Mc Afee Virus Scan 8 received an upgrade from 8 build 8.0.2 to 8.0.415 or something similar as I recall.If you are happy with your present Norton, stay with it. forum ID=31&thread ID=37394&message ID=494013 for a good discussion of the many antivirus options.Also see this excellent review of the latest Norton and Mc Afee antivirus programs : surfing! I forgot to mention that if you upgrade you actually get a new product.It is just the annual subscription for new definitions that needs to be renewed. You can stay with your Norton 2003 or 2004 and still get virus definition updates that will keep you armed against the latest threats.I still have NAV 2002 on one of my machines, but by renewing my subsription each year, I continue to get definitions updated as they become available. Norton 2003 is no longer supported by Symantec, that is to say you can no longer take your technical questions and problems about Norton 2003 antivirus to Symantec. They will, as I have said , however, still download updates to you.Using one method of updating does not preclude the other.On the same computer, you can choose to schedule Live Update automatic updates, and also manually use Live Update or run Intelligent Updater whenever you wish to update your virus definitions.So far as I know, since 1998 I have been fortunate to have not had any virus, trojan or worm enter either my old or new computer.These threats showing on 2005 must have always been out there and found by previous NAV versions, but there were no alerts or notifications.

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