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Common Mushroom, Button Mushroom, White Mushroom, Cultivated Mushroom, Table Mushroom, Champignon Mushroom, Swiss Brown Mushroom, Roman Brown Mushroom, Italian Brown, Italian Mushroom, Cremini Mushroom, Crimini Mushroom, Brown Cap Mushrooms, Chestnut Mushroom, Portobello Mushroom(histogram and left hand axis scale of left-hand plot) and line of best fit, 1901 to 2013 if there are sufficient numbers of papers (equation and % variation accounted for in box); Right-hand Plot: Plot of a proportional micro index, derived from numbers of papers mentioning as a proportion (scaled by multiplying by one million) of the approximate total number of papers available in databases for that year (frequency polygon and left-hand axis scale of right-hand plot) and line of best fit, 1901 to 2013 if there are sufficient numbers of papers (equation and % variation accounted for in box)] Agaricus bisporus (925), mushrooms (408), Mushroom (178), Tyrosinase (148), Internet resource (126), Laccase (120), mushroom compost (103), fungi (99), horticultural crops (87), enzyme activity (84), mycelium (78), plant physiology (74), plant biochemistry (71), Kinetics (70), food composition (68), Biosorption (66), Pleurotus ostreatus (66), Antioxidant activity (61), purification (58), crop yield (57), Pseudomonas tolaasii (49), molecular sequence data (48), plants (47), catechol oxidase (44), nucleotide sequences (44), Polyphenol oxidase (44), texture (44), food quality (43), fungal anatomy (42), lectin (42), mushroom casing soils (41), plant health (40), Chitosan (39), Color (39), fungal diseases of plants (39), Lentinula edodes (39), temperature (39), fruiting bodies (38), growth (37), Antioxidant (36), crop production (36), Phenolic compounds (36), shelf life (36), Edible mushrooms (34), chemical composition (33), modified atmosphere packaging (33), mushroom growing (33), browning (32), Food analysis (32), plant pathogenic fungi (32), polysaccharides (32), Verticillium fungicola (32), Bacteria (31), Composting (31), inhibition (31), Biodegradation (30), Gene expression (30), Phylogeny (30), quality (30), plant viruses (28), Storage (28), Agaricus bitorquis (27), horticulture (27), plant cultural practices (27), strains (27), Compost (26), composts (26), Copper (26), yields (26), amino acid sequences (25), insect control (25), Biosensor (24), Colour (24), heavy metals (24), tillage (24), water content (24), immobilization (23), India (23), Melanin (23), mushroom tyrosinase (23), Pleurotus (23), Biological control (22), edible fungi (22), extraction (22), hyphae (22), pathogenicity (22), proteins (22), Pseudomonas (22), Basidiomycetes (21), characterization (21), Edible mushroom (21), enzymatic browning (21), enzymes (21), Free amino acids (21), insect pests (21), Agaricus (20), Agaricus blazei (20), Basidiomycota (20), DNA (20), growing media (20), Isotherms (20).....[Please note: When there are only a few papers mentioning a species, care should be taken with the interpretation of these crop use/product results; as well, a mention may relate to the use of a species, or the context in which it grows, rather than a product] [To see the full list of crop use/product outcomes, from searching abstracts of the papers that have mentioned this species, select this link; details of the analysis process have also been included; there are links to come back from there]Abdollahi K, Yazdani F and Panahi R (2017) Covalent immobilization of tyrosinase onto cyanuric chloride crosslinked amine-functionalized superparamagnetic nanoparticles: Synthesis and characterization of the recyclable nanobiocatalyst. 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