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I squeeze her ass, startling her and making her jump. ” “Sorry mom.” I quickly place my hands back on her ass.

After I inhaled her wonderful aroma, I lay down between her legs as she opened them wider for me.I Love My Family, Family taboo, Family love is the best, My name is Steve and I love my family.To explain, here’s what happened today, a typical day at my house. I go into the kitchen and see my mother washing the dishes.You better let me get cooking, ’cause your dad will be home soon.” “OK mom.” I go upstairs and find my sister studying at her desk.Stephanie is the younger of my older sisters and looks like a young version of Courtney Cox.After eating her for several minutes, she lowers her hip and relaxes in the pleasures of my still twirling tongue.I take two fingers and enter her slick canal with my palm facing up.I trace my middle finger along her crack and slowly follow it down to that wonderful forbidden place.I cup my fingers firmly into her ass as she spreads her legs a little wider to allow me more access. As I say this, I lift up her shirt and expose my favorite part of my mom’s body, those voluptuous breasts.I’m giving her a wedgie of sorts, but she doesn’t say a word. They have a slight sag but are undoubtedly firm, and they don’t quit.I then stand directly behind her and grind my now hard cock into her. I hug her from behind with my hands at her belly button and slowly move underneath her shirt. College is a lot tougher than high school.” “Oh does my baby need a little pick me up? I lower my head and give her right tit a good ten second suck, and then go to the left.

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