Michael dating holly floyd mayweather jr dating

) but he then later realized she would be an excellent candidate to have his child.

Unfortunately for Isabel, Dwight had a contract to have a baby with Angela.

When Jim first asked her out, we felt happy for him, since it was a sign of him moving on from his hopeless crush on Pam.

wallow in denial), we're reliving some of his greatest hits during the show's seven seasons.

But how many times did these two have to break up and get back together before they realized they were not meant to be?

They still didn't learn their lesson in the very end, when they ran off into the sunset together: Ryan, abandoning his BABY, and Kelly abandoning her incredibly handsome doctor boyfriend.

They dated for a while, which was a bit shocking, since Carol seemed so reasonable.

Sure, it was weird of Michael to propose to her at Diwali, but if she decided to settle for him, they probably would've been a solid couple.

Michael, if you don't know the words by the fourth time around...

season 12 alum, who lives in Nashville, has been dating Holly Allen, a Los Angeles resident and former Miss Wyoming USA, for the past couple of months.

Too bad he decided to dump her right afterwards because she was "too old." This little fling suuuuure was a head-scratcher.

Isabel was initially more into Dwight than he was in her (?!?!?!

These two continued their sham of a marriage for far too long, making this one of the worst relationships.

Let's not forget that Jim briefly dated Katy, the purse saleswoman.

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