Marsha ambrosius dating

get you some Mansion, lots, planes, Phantoms, bitch you better Go..

get you some Hustlin, jugglin, robbin, stealin shit, I gotta get this fuckin Money, cars, clothes, sexy broads, plenty more, go..

It definitely showed your creative versatility and flexibility as an artist, but it was such a bold move considering the mostly uptempo remainder of the project.

Were you ever concerned at all about how “See I Miss” would translate to fans that hadn’t expected a down-tempo track from you?

Fans and followers were pleasantly surprised when Marsha announced her pregnancy in April this year. She was seen rubbing her baby bump during her performance, especially when saying “Baby” in the lyrics.

They have shared their private moments on their social networking sites and their comfort and affection are very evident in those sharings. So, let's hope they will soon reveal everything there is to know about their marriage and their future children plans.

) So new and so current and they hate this The streets'll classify in another level of greatness I'm here to fix up the game, I'm givin it a facelift New and improved, watch the way I make the game shift!

Now watch me swing it out the ballpark I come to shut it down Don't let the war start while I come to get the Money, cars, clothes, sexy broads, plenty more, go..

We caught up with the inimitable rapper to chat about his growth and all that he has accomplished since the LP’s release, as well as what it was like to have Marsha on board for this special remix.

Gold Link: I was having a rapid spiritual growth at the time that kind of capped out at a certain level and I didn’t understand why.

But then every verse carried scrupulous, metaphoric prose wrapped in artfully shameless transparency that gave me hope for modern rap.

While most young rappers were pushing out the same old turn-up/trap jams, Gold Link was busy concocting a new formula that involved nothing but unfaltering originality and everything he loved musically.

This sound was one that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

So he essentially birthed his own sub-genre of hip hop, calling it “Future Bounce.”Gold Link’s tuneful touch is what has always set him apart, in my humble opinion.

get you some Don't stop, nigga we ain't done Gun it through your fuckin road block A lot of niggaz shit sound dated I'm like Shaq, franchise player just got tradedto the number one team in the league See I ain't on J Records, I'm on Dre Records, Aftermath Bitch!

You need to learn 'cause you ain't knowin the half, Bitch!

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