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Sanyika Calloway Boyce is the creator of the "Beyond Money Principles" a set of six steps designed to help gain true financial freedom by rewriting their "money stories" and changing their attitude about money. "Wealthy Girl Summit was the shot in the arm I needed - it got me totally jazzed about accelarting my business growth and personal wealth.Alexis Martin Neely is revolutionizing the legal world and getting you access to the same kind of personal legal advice that men like John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and Warren Buffet have all used to their advantage as they grew their family fortunes. I have been to many seminars - too numerous to count - and Wealthy Girl Summit is the best one by far. " "Wealthy Girl Summit couldn't have come at a more influential time in my life, as I have been so on the fence about my life, career, relationship etc.Initially, yes, I did sign up for a dating agency dreaming that it would be nice to fall in love with a rich man.So I decided to write a book about my experience: It’s a self-help book in every sense of the term.

Not long after the book launched the letters and emails from women began pouring in.

In a sense, I was always the bridesmaid, but never the bride, until one of these millionaires said something that would forever alter how I saw men, money and myself: It was the lightning spark that turned into a raging forest fire.

Why it took a man – a millionaire, no less – to instill in me the confidence I needed to pursue my own financial fantasies, I’ll never know.

Women can go and acquire them on their own rather than searching for a mate to provide them.

“ Although this is true, the problem is that Christine Comaford-Lynch has built and sold 5 of her own businesses, consulted with 2 White House administrations and 700 of the Fortune 1000, invested in 200 startups (including Google) all without a high school diploma or college degree.

Thanks for setting up the Wealthy Girl Summit and writing such an aspiring book.

With the internet dating world expanding as fast as it is, there’s no wonder more and more people are jumping onboard.

My suggestion is to buy the MP3’s of the Summit if they are available. " "Wealthy Girl Summit was extremely inspiring and informative.

I was so inspired by the speakers that I hired new people to be a part of my work team and made major marketing steps this past week!

Tiffany Bass Bukow is the founder of Ms Money.com, one of the most popular personal finance websites for women and families.

It provides information on money and career skills plus interactive tools and seminars that make financial learning fun. She is also past President of the Financial Women’s Association of San Francisco and is involved with many other women advocate groups such as Women’s Initiative.

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