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“You can say, ‘I’m in advertising or I live on this side of town,’” Spira suggested.Tell a friend When date night arrives, it’s important to tell a friend your plans for the night. She recommends telling them who you’re meeting, when and where and keeping them posted throughout the evening.In the Kitchen with David airs for four hours at a time, completely unscripted.

Spira says it’s better to find a parking spot a distance away from the date location.Police allege the teens created a fake account on a popular dating website as part of a plan to lure and rob someone.Unfortunately, users who create false identities are a well-known hazard of online dating.Google Voice also transcribes your voicemail messages -- a convenient way to keep records of your budding romance.Call them Most dating apps connect users via text message, which can give you a good sense of a person’s character.Spira suggests looking up their phone number or email address in Google and checking Twitter and Facebook to see if you have any mutual friends.If so, ask your friend for a quick “thumbs up or thumbs down,” Spira says.She also recommends becoming familiar with Google’s reverse-image tool, which can run a search on your date’s profile image to see where else it appears online.“When daters create profiles, they usually use the same photo on their Linked In, so it’s very easy to find someone’s first and last name,” she said.The site provides a randomized number linked to your phone.“If the date goes south or keeps calling, you can change the number,” Spira said.

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