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From the standpoint of the Greek text it is the best older and one of the best at any time on James.

(Commentaries for Biblical Expositors: An annotated bibliography) Cyril Barber: An encyclopedic work on the Greek Text. Volume 1) Cyril Barber: A work of massive scholarship that ranks among the most important exegetical works ever published on this epistle. Volume 2) Spurgeon comments - "Good, plain discourses, for which the author acknowledges his indebtedness to various eminent writers who have discussed the Epistle.

This work is of value to preachers as well as laypeople.

The former, the method of exposition is at once informative and instructive. Volume 1) Spurgeon on Stier - No one can be expected to receive all that Stier has to say, but he must be dull indeed who cannot learn much from him. Dave Roper Expository Messages on James If the Epistle is ‘of straw’ then there is within that straw a very hearty firm, nourishing, but as yet uninterpreted and unthreshed grain.—Johann Gottfried Herder Charles Simeon Sermons on James Over 100 pages of Sermon Material NOTE: If you are not familiar with the great saint Charles Simeon see Dr John Piper's discussion of Simeon's life - you will want to read Simeon's sermons after meeting him!

James uses the word 'testing' - as in testing gold and silver.

You would heat them up very hot until the impurities were burned off.

After a few gigs in Hamburg, Germany, the band returned to Liverpool and played regular gigs at the Cavern during 1961.

Music became their ticket to ride around the world.He is in the "Guinness Book of World Records" for most records sold, most #1s (shared), most covered song, "Yesterday," largest paid audience for a solo concert (350,000 people, in 1989, in Brazil).He is considered one of the most successful entertainers of all time.Mc Cartney impressed Lennon with his mastery of guitar and singing in a variety of styles.He soon joined Lennon's band, The Quarrymen, and eventually became founding member of The Beatles, with the addition of George Harrison and Pete Best.There he studied from 1953 to 1960, earning A level in English and Art.At the age of 14, Paul Mc Cartney was traumatized by his mother's sudden death from breast cancer. In July 1957 he met John Lennon during their performances at a local church fête (festival).Job said, 'But God knows the way that I take, and when he has tested me, I will come out like gold.' Job (NCV) God is not interested in watching our faith get torpedoed.God desires that our faith would be 'approved.' A student who is accepted by the admissions office of a college can say, 'I am a student.' But until that person takes tests and exams, no one can actually affirm that he is worthy of the name 'student.' They only way to determine the validity of a student’s work is to see the performance on exams. You don’t know what’s inside of them until you drop them in hot water.To the latter, the method of application is enriching and edifying. Sir Paul Mc Cartney is a key figure in contemporary culture as a singer, composer, poet, writer, artist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and holder of more than 3 thousand copyrights.

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