How to write an introductory email online dating


Do not refer to how many people don’t answer your messages or immediately start pointing out your faults.We are all human and all have faults but concentrate on your good points, sound happy and fun to be around.

Like any human communication you need to put some effort in to getting to know people and tell them why they should spend time communicating with you.

It is suprising how many people don’t know how to write an opening email message on an online dating site.

Here is how to write an introductory email on an online dating site that will be opened, read and responded to by the person you are communicating with.

Why should someone be interested in you if you have demonstrated that you are not interested in them by using cut and paste or the same old tired lines.

Address the person you are sending the message to by their Username and include a question or comment about their profile.

Before you even think of writing messages to other online daters, make sure your profile is worth reading.

A column of “tell you later” or a long list of “I don’t likes” will simply put people off.

People read your dating profile to decide if you might be compatible, a list of negatives is not going to help them decide.

Ensure your profile has a recent photo and enough information about you for people to have something to discuss with you.

It’s much better to receive fewer responses from people you would enjoy meeting than having a full email box but nobody you would like to meet.

If someone states in their profile they don’t like smokers and you smoke like a chimney, don’t fool yourself into thinking they will like your witty charm and ignore the smoking, it’s unlikely to happen, people put their dislikes in a profile for a reason.

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