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Some sources say she moved to Topkapı, not because of the fire, but as a result of her marriage to Süleyman.

Either way, this was another significant break from established customs, as Fatih Sultan Mehmed had specifically issued a decree to the effect that no women would be allowed to reside in the same building where government affairs were conducted.

Süleyman married Hurrem in a magnificent formal ceremony, making him the first Ottoman Sultan to wed since Orhan Ghazi (reign 1326–1362), and violating a 200-year-old custom of the Ottoman imperial house according to which sultans were not to marry their concubines.

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Moreover, in addition to remaining in Istanbul, she also moved out of the harem located in the Old Palace (Eski Saray) and permanently moved into the Topkapı Palace after a fire destroyed the old harem. Ultra comfortable and I am extremely impressed with the quality. And the leggings that i ordered with them are amazingly soft. Posted by Amanda Davey on Saturday, November 21, 2015I LOVE my new pants!!!In this case, Süleyman not only broke the old custom, but created new tradition for the future Ottoman Sultans to marry with a formal ceremony and make their consorts have significant influence on the court, especially in matter of succession.Hurrem's salary was 2,000 aspers a day, making her one of the highest paid hasekis.Later, Hurrem became the first woman to remain in the Sultan's court for the duration of her life.In the Ottoman imperial family tradition, a sultan's consort was to remain in the harem only until her son came of age (around 16 or 17), after which he would be sent away from the capital to govern a faraway province, and his mother would follow him. The consorts were never to return to Istanbul unless their sons succeeded to the throne.These are all paid apps but they all come with free prologues to tempt your wallets. I wish I can just pay it in my local currency rather than credit card."Ren'Ai Shugi Road to Emerald" is the lolita-lized Dorothy figure heroine and bishified otome versions of the scarecrow, tinman and lion. I wonder now how the fairtytale would end now that it has the romance element. It's from Image Circus and available in itunes only.She was "Haseki Sultan" (favorite of the Sultan) when her husband, Süleyman I, reigned as the Ottoman sultan.She achieved power and influenced the politics of the Ottoman Empire through her husband and played an active role in state affairs of the Empire.

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