Government is the process of accommodating different needs and viewpoints paniniwala ng mga ang dating daan


A family member, health professional, or other representative may request an accommodation on behalf of an EEOC employee or applicant.For example, a doctors note outlining medical restrictions for an employee constitutes a request for reasonable accommodation. Under the law, EEOC must provide reasonable accommodation to qualified employees or applicants with disabilities,[1] unless to do so would cause undue hardship.

While there are some things that are not considered reasonable accommodations (, removal of an essential job function or personal use items such as a hearing aid that is needed on and off the job), reasonable accommodations can cover most things that enable an individual to apply for a job, perform a job, or have equal access to the workplace and employee benefits such as kitchens, parking lots, and office events.The Director of Human Resources will designate another OHR staff member to act as a back-up for the DPM to process requests when the DPM is unavailable for any length of time (, the DPM is on vacation or out on extended leave).While the DPM has responsibility for processing requests for reasonable accommodation, the DPM may work closely with an employees supervisor or office director in responding to the request, particularly those involving performance of the job.When an individual (or third party) makes an oral request, the DPM must ensure that the Confirmation of Request form is filled out (see Appendix A).The DPM must fill out the Form if the requestor does not.A request is any communication in which an individual asks or states that she needs EEOC to provide or to change something because of a medical condition.A supervisor, manager, or the DPM should ask an individual whether she is requesting a reasonable accommodation if the nature of the initial communication is unclear. EEOC provides reasonable accommodations: A reasonable accommodation is any change in the workplace or the way things are customarily done that provides an equal employment opportunity to an individual with a disability. The EEOC is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to its employees and applicants for employment to ensure that individuals with disabilities enjoy equal access to all employment opportunities.Under the ergonomic program, for instance, an employee with carpal tunnel syndrome may request a specialized chair or wrist pad.Requests under these procedures, as well as requests under the ergonomic program, should be directed to the DPM.

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