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Upon the completion of their prospect status, members will be "patched in," whereupon they are considered full members of the club.In traditional car clubs in the US, this is typically signified by the awarding of a jacket or T-shirt with the club's name and logo on the back, and the awarding of a bronze/aluminium "drag plate," to be hung on the member's car, displaying their membership status and club name. Traditional car clubs were off-line organizations, but automotive on-line communities have flourished on the internet.Many car clubs charge membership fees in exchange for benefits, such as publications and events.

Car enthusiasts are able to comment and share opinions with one another, allowing for an element of connection not found with other media variants.

A car club or automotive enthusiast community is a group of people who share a common interest in motor vehicles. Historically, car clubs refer to off-line entities, typically organized as non-profits and run by volunteers (who were most often elected).

Car clubs are typically organized by enthusiasts around the type of vehicle (e.g. Some clubs were large enough to be run as a paid business with salaried employees; in the 1960s, some were sponsored by car dealers.

Unlike traditional clubs, the content of most online communities are open to all for free.

This has facilitated their growth, and made them a resource for potential owners or newbies.

Additionally, some car clubs have a "prospecting" status, where prospective members of the club meet with established club members, to assess their suitability within the club.

During this time, prospective members will help work on club cars, attend events, and sometimes perform tasks; such as helping to park cars at a show, or assisting with ticket sales, etc.

Most automotive communities were founded by individual enthusiasts/entrepreneurs.

In 2006, Internet Brands began acquiring these types of websites and the company has become the largest operator of automotive communities in the world.

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