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Arrive in to either of Rome’s airports and you will be transferred to the picturesque castle location.

You will be staying in converted buildings around the Castle, taking breakfast each morning in the Castle itself.

At the top of this plateau you will have the chance to take in the spectacular scenery before carrying on past local farms and into chestnut woods on the hillsides that surround the lake.

On top of the hill overlooking the lake we will stop for lunch at a small rural restaurant where the horses can enjoy a rest in their shady corral whilst we eat, relax and maybe enjoy a refreshing swim.

A picnic will be laid out with tables and chairs on a lawn on top of the hill.

This is a fantastic spot with breathtaking views of the area stretching from the beautiful crater of Lake Bolsena on one side, to the hills surrounding Lake Mezzano on the other side.

After a short ride along the border of the lake we will reach the beach and have a canter.

Soon we will return to our home base where we will celebrate with a farewell dinner and enjoy a last night at the castle.

Sadly today it is time to bid farewell to your castle home, but if you can’t bear to go home just yet we can organise an additional night or two for you in Rome. All transfers are payable directly to the castle on arrival. All transfers are payable directly to the castle on arrival.

We will be riding through the rocky hills and into the valley of the river Lente which has magnificient views. After lunch we will be riding uphill in the afternoon sun to Proceno, where we will be staying tonight.

Proceno is a stunning 11th century castle at the centre of the village.

As we head back towards the castle we will pass through the archeological area of Pianezze and through vineyards and back to the top of the crater which provides a spectacular view and a wonderful opportunity to take some photographs. Today you will be riding to Lake Mezzano; this is an area of great interest both historically and naturally.

The lake was formed in a volcanic crater and is now a historical site with traces of human settlements dating back to the pre-etruscan era.

After lunch a gentle track will lead you towards Sorano, where you will be staying this evening in a unique hotel which is situated inside the medieval Orsini fortress of Sorano.

The position is incredible, on the side of a gorge overlooking the ancient village.

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