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Most other vowel sounds are similar between Québec French and Metropolitan French.

However, it must be noted that the high vowels are pronounced laxing when used in closed syllables in Québec French.

Since some vowels used to have a long pronunciation in 300-year old Classical French, it has been retained in Québec French pronunciation even though the pronunciation was lost in Metropolitan French.

Words like sound virtually the same in Metropolitan French, though not in spoken Québec French.

Another good example of grammatical difference between Metropolitan and Québec French is the subject and object pronouns are, most of the time, not the same.

In spoken Québec French Vowels are where the most noticeable differences between Metropolitan French and Québec French can be found.

With strong influences from the British and the nearby United States, Québec French, on the other hand, displays a greater number of adopted English words, especially in informal spoken Canadian French.

It is almost a given that the two varieties of French, when spoken, will have different accents and intonations; just like British and American English.

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European French speakers, for their part, will probably understand formal spoken Québécois, but may get confused with informal spoken Québécois.

The Charter of the French Language made Québec French the primary language used in business in Québec, and, moreover, severely limited the use of English in public signs.

At present, Québec French is the primary language spoken in Quebec and is also widely used in Ontario and New Brunswick.

This also promoted a sense of Québec nationalism that is still present even today, with some Quebeckers still wanting to become an independent state from Canada.

In 1977, the Charter of the French Language was drafted by the and its objective was to protect the French Canadian language-also known as Québécois.

During the Age of Exploration, King Francis I (Francois 1er) commissioned a western expedition to find another route to China.

In 1534, Jacques Cartier, the leader of the expedition, landed in the Gape Peninsula, planted a cross, and claimed ‘New France’ for the King.

When spoken in Québec French, the vowels, with nasal intonation, are even more nasalized.

Although the This shift can perhaps be likened to the differences between British and American English.

There are several grammatical features that exist in spoken Québec French that make it distinct from Metropolitan French.

For example, the syntax of informally spoken Québec French makes much lesser use of specifiers such as relative clauses wherein This Québec French way of forming sentences often results in major syntactic differences between the two French varieties.

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