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The Man Must Make The First Move When dating a Filipina, the woman holds all the power.

This is because the man will have to wait awhile before the woman agrees to letting the man be her boyfriend.

Religion is Important The Philippines the third largest Catholic country in the world, and the fourth largest in terms of Christianity.

Some families do not want their daughters to marry a man if he is not Catholic.

It may take awhile for a Filipina in love with you to show her true feelings towards you, but rest assured, when it happens, there is no other feeling in the world that compares.

However, just because the man is the one to make the first move, does not mean that Filipinas are submissive.

They simply prefer men who know how to take the lead, be in charge, and still be a kind and charming gentleman.

Having a man who meets these qualities also guarantees that if things get tough, they will be able to rely on the man.

Family Will Always Take First Place Family is always first priority with Filipinos.

Get along with her family by joining them for meals and conversations in their sala.

Originally, men were required to help out with menial physical labor around the home, such as fetching water, and basic carpentry in order to win the approval of her family.

It’s popularly known that if you want to court a Filipina, you must court her mother first.

If her mother and family does not approve of you, then you will have difficulty proceeding with your courtship.

When it comes to dating Filipino women, there are a lot of differences in comparison to dating their Western counterparts.

Here is a list of things to remember when dating Filipino women so you don’t end up offending her or her family.

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