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Yet here we have it condoned by the top scientific journal in the world. I selected it because it was identified by the journal editors as a significant advance in knowledge. Isotope dating is therefore not the objective, absolute dating method it is often claimed to be.

Second, it is impossible to tell, from the isotope information alone, when the dates are right and when they are wrong.

But these authors reached their conclusion by ignoring the contradictory data! First, the dates are readily discarded if they do not fit the preconceived notions of the experimenter.

If a scientist in any other field did this he would never be allowed to publish it. Such a practice is not acceptable in any other field of science because it destroys the objectivity upon which science has built its reputation.

As has been well noted on these pages, the six days of Creation Week must be of the same length as our days.

We recognize, however, that the Hebrew word , translated "day," can have a variety of meanings, including an indefinite period of time.

They are convinced by radioisotope dating, perhaps, or maybe the molecular clock of mutation rates, or some other line of thinking, but not from Scripture.

This is because so many Biblical events are referenced to the reigns of individual kings. Of course the genealogies only begin with the creation of Adam, so the question of time before Adam remains.The Institute for Creation Research has always taught, as an integral part of its ministry, the concept of the young earth.We have never put an absolute date on the age of the earth.We should mention that the use of a numeral to modify "days," in this case "6," is again reserved for a literal day in Hebrew, as is the use of the plural word "days." Suffice it to say that no one could conclude that Scripture specifically places Creation any longer ago than a few thousand years, and to my knowledge no one does.Many do hold to an older position, but not for Scriptural reasons.” Given that the chronogenealogies—genealogies where the age of the father at the time of the son’s birth is given in an unbroken chain—end shortly after Noah, how do we get from ~1600 The precision by which we can know the timing of historical events or ages of things is constrained by the precision of the data we’re given.The timing we’re given in the chronogenealogies is accurate to within one year of the event.When I presented this and similar criticisms of isotope dating to a gathering of the Lucas Heights Scientific Society (Sydney, Australia) in 1989, the only response that came from the chief of the division responsible for isotope dating at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization was the question, ‘Do you have a better dating method?’ I said ‘No’, and he appeared to be satisfied that if there are no better methods of dating, then these are good enough.We feel that the Bible doesn't provide all the information necessary for certainty, as shown by the fact that almost every Bible scholar who has ever tried to discern the exact date has come to slightly different conclusions.Maybe all the information is there but we just don't understand it fully yet.

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