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For business purposes, the quill was fairly quickly overtaken; however, it remains popular for personal use and for artistic work.Metal nibs have their origins as far back as ancient Egypt and were made of metals like copper and bronze.

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Metallic nibs were made up through the 18th-century as one-off, craftsman-made luxury items.

Although any pointed nib can be used for drawing, there are nibs available that resemble writing nibs but are specially designed for pen drawing.

A stub nib usually lies somewhere between a broad and a pointed nib.

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Lighter pressure produces less flexing of the tines, creating thinner strokes.

The finest hairline strokes are created on the upstrokes and sideways strokes.

The metal nib retains a sharp point or edge much longer than the quill, which wears out more quickly and requires much skill to sharpen.

Metal nibs are also easily manufactured to have different properties for different purposes.

Pointed nibs originated in the 17th century and were initially created by hand from quills in a similar fashion to broad-edge nibs.

Towards the end of the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century, a high demand for nibs coupled with steel manufacturing processes eventually led to the mass production of the steel nib.

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